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Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

Thanks @MB95 Smiley Happy Hehe the sloth eyebrows

I've finished the applied psych lectures and am trying to catch up on stats but it's so hard Smiley Sad

Feeling a bit down tonight I don't know why

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

@Lost_Space_Explorer5  I am sorry you are feeling a bit down tonight. did you want to talk about it? 

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

I don't really know what's wrong though Smiley Sad I think just some stuff triggered me from my lectures maybe and I'm like what even is life and exams are soon and I haven't done anything

I'm also feeling a little overwhelmed because I feel like I have to reply to everyone here as soon as I can because otherwise that's rude but like I know that's not true. Also wondering if I don't have what it takes to be a mod haha. And maybe like I'm doing too much like we're all meant to do little bits and share the load so I shouldn't be stressing but of course I'm a bit of a control freak and stress about getting things done lol

TW But anyway aside from that like that's not a huge worry- I just don't understand people at all. Or myself. And am also wondering why the heck I'm not dead, like I don't know how I even made it through to now. Maybe covid wouldn't have happened if I wasn't here. Like that makes no sense haha but yeah

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

@Lost_Space_Explorer5  Exams are always so stressful, and you don’t have to worry about how fast you reply to people everyone has lives outside the computer or phone screens and that is ok. It does get hard sometimes though I do think there seems to be a core group of long term people who frequent the forums daily who make up most of the replies and if you are one of those people it can feel like there is a lot of pressure to keep the forums going. But it is ok to need a break or some time away. Idk if I am making sense. 


Also I am not sure what you mean when you say you don’t understand other people is it specific to something someone has done or just a general comment? Also do I spy some OCD thoughts in there? 

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

It sounds like a lot is happening at once and you're maybe starting to get a little overwhealmed by it all? 


When are your exams? And how many do you have? Would it help to maybe start planning out some study times for them to prepare a bit? Happy to help you with it if you need 😊


With regards to the mods stuff - you're doing a great job!! You definately have what it takes to be one and I think you're being too hard on yourself. No one here thinks you are rude! I do think that despite being a mod, you also need to keep an eye on yourself and your own mental health and notice when you're putting in too much to the role if that makes sense? We all know how amazing you are and how much you just want to support people but you also shouldn't be doing it to the point it begins to affect your own mental health and I'm sure the RO team would agree with me on that! So if you need time to take care of yourself then take it, no one here will think you're rude. We all totally get it ❤


Hmm.. sometimes I wonder the same thing tbh. Are you not happy that you're here? Or moreso just wondering why and how? 


I think we both know covid would have happened regardless. Maybe that's the anxiety talking? Cause it sounds like you're getting a bit overwhealmed with evetything and maybe those thoughts are getting louder? 

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

Aw @Lost_Space_Explorer5 

I want to encourage you and say you are already being a fantastic Mod!! You have great initiative and are encouraging others to be organised so that we can all help others and each other in the best way. woohoo!! Smiley Very Happy 


You deserve to be here and find your happiness. There are people so so willing to help and be there for you in these tough times- including me! Heart

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

Hope you're doing okay 💕

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

Hey @Lost_Space_Explorer5 

Just wanted to check in? Sorry that you were feeling triggered from uni that sucks. You 100% dont need to respond to everyone here remember the RO crew is here to make sure everyone is safe. It makes sense that you are feeling overwhelmed its been a bloody rough year. You can always chat to any of the RO crew about the mod stuff and work out how to support you Smiley Happy


Just wanted see how you were feeling today I know you were saying how you weren't sure how you were still alive.

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

Thanks everyone :') I'm feeling okay today

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

@Lost_Space_Explorer5  I am glad you are feeling ok today. have you done anything interesting today?