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Re: Exhausted and lonely

@Hozzles  That sounds so difficult. It must have been so stressful having the broken wrist and being in hospital. Would any services at your uni by of any help? They might be able to suggest some supports for assignments and exams.

There are also lots of other resources that can help with things like time management, scheduling, taking breaks and not procrastinating. I could show you some of them if you think they would help.

Re: Exhausted and lonely

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all listening to me and taking the time to comment, it means a lot. Heart

I have accessed the disability services at my uni last year! They gave me a plan that allows me to do my exams in a separate room, and to be able to request extensions without a doctor's certificate. Smiley Very Happy I feel like I might have to reach out to the psychologists there soon, though.

I'm so stressed out at the moment because I had another appointment with my psychologist and feel like it's time to change. I leave feeling worse than I did when I walked in. Every session we basically sit in silence and she urges me to change my medication even though I really think it's working as best it can (she's never seen me without my meds). Like, without my meds I wouldn't be able to even leave the house and I think I've made huge leaps despite the amount of stress I've faced this year and it's a bit insulting to me for her to suggest I need them changed if I express just the slightest hint of any negative emotion. She won't really listen to me either, for example I expressed that uni really badly triggered me and she said 'I think everyone struggles at uni' and left it at that. I think I need to find someone that specialises in OCD but the process is so tiring and daunting, and I don't know if I'll be able to afford it anyway since I only have three free sessions left this year. Smiley Mad


Re: Exhausted and lonely

@Hozzles  I think it's great that the disability services were so helpful. Smiley Happy

It's no good that you feel as though the sessions aren't working. Smiley Sad Why do you think your psychologist wants you to change your medications? Has she given a reason why? It's important to remember that while she probably does have some knowledge about medications, she does not have training in prescribing them or knowing when it's time to change them. Changing medication should really be handled by a doctor. Medications also can't eliminate all negative emotions, just possibly reduce some of your symptoms. Have you told her that you don't think that your medications are the issue and that you find them helpful?

It's really challenging and frustrating when you feel as though your psychologist isn't listening to you. Smiley Sad Are you able to access a university psychology clinic? Many clinics provide free or low-cost services for students and particular issues. If they don't have experience in treating OCD, perhaps they would be able to refer you to someone who does. You can also find psychologists who specialise in treating OCD in your local area here.