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Fail (slight triggers, discretion advised)

I feel like I want to cry honestly, everything is just bullshit.


I lost more friends, why can't I ever keep any? They made fun of me for various reasons, even spamming me photos of sick animals and babies cause they knew I couldn't stand seeing things in pain and started to tear up. I'm emotional and worry so they reckon I deserve to be told to kill myself and that I'm dumb and unloveable.


Hell I mentioned a previous falling out months ago.I cried one night and messaged him telling him I was sorry....he took me back though


I recently got addicted to World of Warships and World of Warplanes, I love these games so much and as a result...I've made it a dream to make my own documentary on WWII battleships and WWII warplanes since I'm studying video production at UNI and I think its a great way to combine a subject I'm interested in with a career but several friends and family tell me this is stupid, not realistic and I will never do it. Fucking hell, is it even worth dreaming and hoping anymore?


Don't be worried, im not in danger or wanting to harm myself or someone else but I am in one of those "Fuuuuuu" moods 

Re: Fail (slight triggers, discretion advised)

@MemphisBelle sorry you're having tough timeHeart  do you think contacting the Kids Helpline - 1800 551 800 will be helpful tonight ?


that's honesty horrible thing those "friends" did to you and you dont deserve that !! do you think blocking them could be a good idea ? have you told anyone else about this ?


i think that's so cool you're interested in doing that ! don't let anyone tell you what not to do, if this is your passion i think you should follow itHeart

Re: Fail (slight triggers, discretion advised)

Hey @MemphisBelle thank you for letting us know that you're not in any danger, it's very much appreciated and I think feeling like crying and being in an FU mood is very understandable considering what's happened. I think @litgym has given you some fantastic advice, how are you feeling now a little time has past since your post?

Re: Fail (slight triggers, discretion advised)

I'm not really feeling so well, this was a longtime coming 


I'm sick of being told I dream to much, or I'm unrealistic . I just wanna tell myself I can do that goal I want to do....but some of the people I know just wanna shoot me the fuck down, I mean goddamn course is making your own video production... Who's to say I cant make a WWII Warship and Warplanes documentary??? Like seriously, the people saying this don't even do stuff in video. I'm  going to bed soon so I wont be able to reply till tomorrow morbing.

Re: Fail (slight triggers, discretion advised)

That would be really hard to hear @MemphisBelle but sometimes if people don't understand your vision, your passion and your determination then they can tend to question it or be a naysayer about it... but ultimately this is your dream and if you want to make it happen, it will!





Re: Fail (slight triggers, discretion advised)

Hi @MemphisBelle


I wouldn't consider them your friends if they made fun of you... What I've learnt recently is that you never should keep toxic people no matter who they are or what they meant to you in the past. It does seem like they are bullying you psychologically.


You should always work towards your dreams! But in saying this, you have to be realistic about them. At the end of the day, you have to put food on the table for yourself (making enough money to survive). I love photography but I have no idea if it become a 'professional' because there are already so many photographers out there. I shifted photography into a hobby only, of course I'm going to keep on working in it but the main thing is my current job. You have to think about are you going earn enough or get a job with the profession you're trying to pursue or do you have to move it to as being a hobby only? 


Re: Fail (slight triggers, discretion advised)

Don’t be worried if people done believe in you if you wanna do it then do it and even if it doesn’t work out it will still be a good experience.