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The thing with  social anxiety that is so frustrating is that it bites you on the ass during the hols when you least expect it. For example, since school broke up I haven't really spoken to anyone, or generally just left the house. I have felt quite comfortable, and had begun to think that my anxiety was going quite well, that was until I clicked messanger for the first time all holidays to reply to all my birthday wishes. All of a sudden, it all turned upside down. I could feel my stomach churn as I opened each one, and my stress levels increase as I went to reply. I was asked to go out with friends, and I couldn't not make up an excuse and decline. The little voice in the back of my brain whispered that they would be happy about it, they only asked because they're nice, they don't really want you there. I couldn't finish replying to everyone, I went off messenger. I'm really not okay, but no one can help me. I'm currently underweight, and till I get to a good physical health, my mental state won't be improved, nor will doctors help me. I'm lost and scared and I have to survive on my own for months till I reach the right weight. There is still much work to do.

Re: Falling

Hey there, seems like you and I are going through some similar things, apart from the weight. I'm the complete opposite to you- overweight and struggling.


Social anxiety is a real big pain in the ass. Nobody wants it, I'm sure. I definitely don't. The stomach-wrenching feeling every time you try to talk to someone is just... Horrible, to say the least. I wish it upon nobody, even the ones I'm not familiar with.

Try to stay strong, it'll all be okay Heart




Re: Falling

Hi @Blurryphaced sorry to hear how social anxiety has been effecting you and has been causing you stress. I'm wondering if there have been some strategies that you have found helpful during these moments? I'm hearing that you are feeling lost and scared. Do you currently have any supports at home or a relative you could talk to? We're here to listen and support you Heart


Re: Falling

Hi @Blurryphaced
Social anxiety really is a tough thing to go through.
You are definitely not alone in feeling this way, I think most of us have it to some degree, I know I definitely do.
@Lan-ROasked a really good question about strategies to help during these moments. Do you happen to have any good strategies or a self-care plan.
Here for you Heart