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Family issues

One of my biggest triggers for my anxiety is yelling. It makes me feel absolutely ill when people are loud, angry, swearing, etc. because I feel like I've done something wrong. This makes living in my house quite hard. It's not like my family are abusive or anything, but when they're angry they rant, swear and lecture and even if I'm not on the receiving end I feel awful. I don't know what to do because this is their way of letting of steam and I can't expect them to stop.


Re: Family issues

Hey @Blurryphaced! It sounds like the yelling or swearing is making you feel accountable for their anger, which you aren't! Heart I can definitely see how this might make it difficult to cope on a daily basis, especially if it triggers your anxiety. 


Have you tried talking to your family when they aren't shouting about how it feels when they get angry? If you're feeling up to talking to them about feeling anxious or accountable, they might have a reason to let off some steam in a different way. Maybe even getting some distance like going for a walk or stepping outside for some fresh air might help in the moment. I hope everything is going okay for you tonight and that you're safe Heart


Re: Family issues

Hey @Blurryphaced, hope you're doing okay today.

Do you reckon you could go for a walk if your family is yelling/being loud, or put in some headphones to block out the noise?

Yelling makes me anxious too, and I try to avoid it in the house as much as possible. 

Looking forward to hearing from you Smiley Happy 

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