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HI, feel right now that everyone is an asshole except me. 
Why is it so darn hard to find anyone else on the planet that seems to be in a bad state, or do we just have to wait until after they are gone to wonder what went wrong.  People are ruder than ever in alot of ways, seems everyone can mass communicate via facebook and all that shit but when it comes to ringing someone one on one then that's apparently too hard.  I am so aggitated right now, if it weren't for my son I would give up.  Really don't give a shit about me, but don't want to leave him in this world, it is so dog eat dog.  Simple question, is there anyone else that just feels so severly depressed and shit that your every thought is about suicide and before any one goes on with all that state of mind shit, have tried it all.  Seems to be something majorly wrong with my brain chemistry at the moment, couldn't control it if i tried.  I'll feel a little better just to hear that i am not the only one in a world of 7 billion that feels like crap.



Hey Miffy 


It seems like you are very irritated and I agree some people are getting harder to communicate with and some people are more difficult and rude, it does annoy me too. Im glad you have your son and that you care for him so much, he trully has an amazing parent Smiley Happy Its a shame that you dont care about yourself as much. Have you spoken to anyone about how you are feeling?


I have times where I feel like crap and just want to sleep away my problems so you are not the only one that feels like crap occasionally. I have found ways to cope when I feel down, is there something you could do to lift your mood like listen to music or exercise, you might find this helpful 


You are not alone Miffy keep on keeping on and find the positive in life. I think its better living happy than living sad Smiley Happy 


Take care 


**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**


Hey Miffy,

It's true, I have had days where I can not stand the human race. But when it comes down to it, I can sit and stew in my agitation and anger, or I can accept it for what it is. For I create my own suffering when I am in such a state. It in no way affects those whom I wish were feeling what I was feeling. Sort of a vicious cycle really and when you realise that you can choose how you feel, respond and react to a feel far better knowing that you are actually in control of your emotions.

It's brilliant you have a son which you adore. I would say focus on him and the light that he brings to your life. He is surely a reminder that there is purity and innocence in this world.

I hope you find what you're looking for, you say you've tried everything and I don't want to be patronising in any way, but maybe you just haven't quite gotten there yet and need to persevere with a alternate state of mind. I know that talking to someone about it and working through it together is very helpful, as you have the support you need when it gets too hard, or you want to give up.

Keep on keeping on. Smiley Happy


I'm pretty sure you already know this. You know you're not the only person out of 7 billion, because it would just be stupidity for you to really think so. You've heard of depression, and mental health, you know it's an actual problem.

If you've paid attention to anything through out your life you know.

If you just want someone to come up and agree with you, that the world is terrible, or find others that are unhappy, that's easy. Go look at some causes, watch some shows, read through posts around here, post something about the world being terrible on facebook or any website really.

You also know that not all 7 billion are assholes. That makes equally as little sense. Just begin with your son, is he an asshole? Are all the children he does/will play with assholes? Are the teachers who are going to teach him all assholes?


I had people talking to me about the state of mind stuff for years. I understood it but it didn't work. The way they went on about it didn't work. It just made me sick of it. I still disagree with the way they go on about it, but now that I don't have them around trying to force it on to me I'm doing it, naturally. I worked on accepting instead of changing, then I worked on my actual life instead of my thoughts. The thoughts adapted along the way. The way it's been done with you may be shit, doesn't mean it's all futile. 

Okay, changing your thoughts isn't helping, what about changing your circumstance.

What is it that has actually happened that is making you think/feel like this? Or is it just how you've been felling/thinking for a long time and just decided to post unprovoked? 



I would have to agree with Birdeye on this one. You need to figure out what works for you. When you finally reach that place you will understand what people were trying to tell you, or teach you. But you need to reach it on your own and you need to want to do it. Then you will understand and it will come far more naturally and easily when you need or want to.



Hi Miffy,


Not much to add as everyone had given you great advice and let you know that you certainly aren't alone in feeling this way.


The only other thing I would add is that if you feel that your feelings of depression and hopelessness are getting on top of you and they are stopping you from caring for your son to the best of your ability, don't be afraid to reach out to friends and relatives for assistance. These people will undestand that you are putting your son first and i am sure they will be more than happy to help.


Also, when you are feeling particuarly down, don't hessitate to give Lifeline a call on 131114 to talk to out and help you get grounded again.


Let us know how you are getting on.