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Feeling Isolated, Shutting down

Hey Guys,


Lately I have been feeling like even my friends are further away than normal, (recent interstate move aside.) and I struggle to make new friends and put myself out there without feeling over the top and pushy. Lately I haven't been leaving the house for anything. Top this off with the fact that I do not really wish to be living in my current environment due to lots of tension and misunderstanding about my behaviour and my mental health, I don't know where to turn or who to talk to and have been hitting a lot of walls with professional help. 



Any Suggestions?



Re: Feeling Isolated, Shutting down

@Nat8 Sounds like a fair bit of change just with the interstate move alone, that in itself is a great transition so well done on getting through that. Do you think perhaps a lot of this isolation could be to do with this change in environment? It can take a while to rebuild a support network after a move. 


You mentioned hitting the wall with professional help - how so? I am sorry to hear and would be keen to hear more on that.


There's a few options in regards to engaging with people and networking with new friends in order to ease that feeling of isolation for sure Smiley Happy Can I ask what hobbies/interests you have?


@DruidChild @scared01 @Creativegirl12 and @Gigi Leong you guys have any suggestions?

Re: Feeling Isolated, Shutting down

hi @Nat8

its hard when you move away from the friends you have isnt it?

ive also had friend troubles and know what its like to feel isolated even in a room full of people, and im very familair with hitting walls with psychologists.

maybe you could take this move and try to make it as positive as you can. its pretty much a fresh start for you.

you can be who you want to be

have you started seeing a new psychologist in your new place?

is there anything in particular that you like to do that you could join a club or something?

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Feeling Isolated, Shutting down

Hi @Nat8,


It does sound like a little of a tough time for you ey? Thank you for still willing to talk to us despite all the not-so-helpful professional help, talk to someone may always help a little even just to relieve you a bit =)


It sounds like you are feeling a bit lonely don't you? Moving away from place and people you know, and meeting new bunch of people but no one really become close is that how you feel? Is there anything in your mind that you think may help improve the situation a little? Maybe joining activities you like? Is there any particular thing that you enjoy doing?


You mentioned that you do not really like living in your current environment, do you mind to tell more about it? 


Thank you for everything you have done for yourself, let me give you a hug.


Much love,


Re: Feeling Isolated, Shutting down

Hey Guys,


Thanks for everything so far.


Actually I was in university interstate and moved back home so I know this area and people here I just have no connections anymore. 


As for hobbies I have a few but those don't feel interesting anymore so lately I have been looking for new ones.


No psychologist yet as the service I was using previously didn't accept my transition from state to state because I was a long term patient and they didn't think they could help even though I have learned that if I don't attend regular sessions I get a lot worse and only end up venting for sessions afterwards due to the buildup. I also am in a state of uncertainty with my diagnosis so this point doesn't help. 

Re: Feeling Isolated, Shutting down

Hey Gigi,

Yeah loneliness isn't foreign to me. I feel like there is no one close but also feel like the ones I am relying on right now have their own problems and don't need mine on top. Add to that that I have no professional help makes self control hard.

I'm looking for new things rather than old so any suggestion on good things?

I live with relatives but ever since my diagnosis things have never been the same and I live in a constant state of panic in order to avoid losing control of my independence and my life in general. I also don't feel like I have my own space or routine here because I have to play by the rules and the people I live with tend to expect more from me in terms of chores and such due to the fact I am in between work. I also am the youngest and therefore don't have much say which makes my outbursts worse because it is seen as childish behaviour versus snapping in order to save a full on meltdown or hurting others without really meaning to.



Re: Feeling Isolated, Shutting down

have you got any coping strategies for when your feeling paniced or anxious @Nat8

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Re: Feeling Isolated, Shutting down

Hey @scared01,


yeah usually:


music - but I have been getting bored of music quickly and sometimes taking time out in my bedroom can cause arguments


reading - haven't had much motivation which sucks considering I am a massive reader


and lately I have gotten into gaming but am new to this and also don't want to game everyday. 


So am up for other suggestions as I don't do well with mindfulness or grounding or even meditation as I don't actually focus on it I just sit there and get bored. I am more of a logical person.

Re: Feeling Isolated, Shutting down

ok not a problem ive got some suggestions for you, just give me sec it might be a book lol @Nat8

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Feeling Isolated, Shutting down

so youve meantioned mindfullness- do you know there are a few ways to do it? @Nat8

ive got a few ways to do it as well



count back from 100 or 1000

play anew song on a musical insrument or learn to play an instrument

make a dream catcher

do some origami

cook or invent your own recipies

do some puzzles, such as soduku, findaword, cross words or jigsaw puzzles

read your facourite book

write you own novel or short story


plan a 'fake' holiday where you would love to go with unlimited money

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**