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Re: Feeling Trapped

Hi @Jardin


Thank you for reaching out Heart I just wanted to check in and say that I completely relate to feeling trapped and also completely understand a desire to be in control, please know you are not alone in this. I hope this helps, but over the years I have realised that I feel anxious and trapped when I am not living my own values, putting loving and healthy boundaries in place, or when I am compromising my self-expression. It's like a warning system to tell me I am living from a role rather than my true self. I feel trapped when I get caught up in what I think are "should's" and "have to's", rather than listening to what is in my heart. That isn't to say there aren't things we need to do in life that we might not want to, it's more that my thoughts around certain situations make me feel like I have no choice. Is there a way/safe space where you can explore what thoughts make you feel trapped from a place of curiosity? I find it can even be helpful to write them down as they occur and then take them in with me to see my psych so I can get the most out of the session. Also how is it going with the job and your parents since you posted? Heart

Re: Feeling Trapped

Hey @StormySeas17 that is really cool that you've been able to find the lessons in things and that that has helped you feel more in control! I definitely relate to that feeling of studying something and changing and wondering if it was a waste, but you're totally right that there are so many lessons there and they have been really invaluable for me.


And @GioDes I really love what you said about listening to what is in your heart, and all the things you said about living your values and maintaining boundaries are I think so crucial for living in a wholehearted way <3 


Hope things are going alright for you and that you were able to get an appointment @Jardin Heart

Re: Feeling Trapped

Hey @Jardin, haven't seen you in the forum for a while, just wanna pop out and check whether everything is going well on you recently, do you find the advices and support being useful? Please feel free to speak and ask for help if you have any other problems, we are here to support you Smiley Very Happy

Re: Feeling Trapped

Hi everyone,


Sorry I haven't been on ReachOut for a while. 


Thank you @A_Friend@ayrc_1904 , @Anzelmo , @Macaria , @StormySeas17 , @GioDes , @Hannah-RO so much for your messages Heart 


To give you all an update:

I am still working at my job and in hindsight, am really glad I took the opportunity. Weirdly enough, the more I worked there, the less trapped I felt, and now I quite comfortable and contented at my job. In saying this, I know I am not well suited to my current job but am glad I am giving it a go anyways.

I haven't gone back to the doctors for a referral, but I might depending on my mental health (I'll keep an eye on it). 

On a completely different note, my family could (possibly) be moving to a city in the next year or so (we currently live in the country). I think this would be great. I miss being in the city and having everything close by.


Once again, thank you for all the support.



Re: Feeling Trapped

@Jardin I'm glad to hear you have settled in to your job and your feeling better.

Re: Feeling Trapped

Hey @Jardin, it is so nice to hear that things are running smoothly for you, I can sense a massive growth in your confidence! Your new job sounds like it is going really well, which is awesome! It can be very scary sometimes stepping into a new role, especially one you're not used to. I think it would be a really nice separation and experience to take on outside of uni! 

It is completely fine to have not gone and received a referral yet, but ensuring you maintain your reflection on your mental health is important, but I think you have that under control for now which is great! 

Awesome news about the move, and it seems like you're quite excited for the change! How long have you been living out in the country for? Is there anything you miss the most from living in the city that you can't wait to get back to doing Smiley Happy

Re: Feeling Trapped

Hi @Kaylee-RO , yes I am excited to move into the city Smiley Very Happy whether it be with my family or on my own.

My family and I have been living out in the country for around seven or eight years now. It's the longest we have ever stayed in one spot.

I think the things I miss about the city and am excited about would be visiting friends and shops/malls that are close by. 

Re: Feeling Trapped

Thanks @A_Friend Smiley Happy

Re: Feeling Trapped

That is exciting @Jardin ! It will be so nice to visit friends - and I know I definitely missed certain shops too when I moved away to the country for a bit - I got VERY into online shopping Cat LOL

I'm also really delighted to hear you're feeling content in your job, it can be hard to find that sometimes, I'm so glad that is happening for you Heart

Re: Feeling Trapped

Thanks @Hannah-RO Smiley Happy