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Feeling a lot more at ease

I saw my psych yesterday, following two weeks of not hearing a response from her, regarding an e e-mail I sent about relationships and really all the general unease that this has all been giving me.


She did receieve the e-mail...the day before I came in.  She's been ill with laryngitis.  I knew it had to be something like this and it was a relief to know that she had read it and I didn't have to actually bring it up.  Although we only grazed the surface of it towards the end of the session.  (I told her I had more immediate issues that were affecting me far more and that that could wait). 

It's all good.  She said she didn't just want to jump into it as there's a lot of things I mentioned that she really wants to work with me on.  When I reported the job interview situation I found myself in to the police five years ago, they classed it as 'inappropriate' even though I could have taken it to court.  She told me that it was nothing short of sexual abuse and there are a lot of instances in my life situation where that experience will impact how I react to things that may happen, or have happened since then.  I'm going on placement now for 5 weeks so I won't see her for a while, which is okay (there's always e-mail...unless something happens) so we probably won't get into it until then.

She did mention that her contract expires with the uni in Nov and even though it's supposed to be continuous there may be a chance she will no longer be working there...but she's thinking of opening a private practice.  I did say whatever happens...happens.  Although this does concern me.

In regards to the whole anti depressant thing the GP suggested, she says she really doesn't think I need them...but perhaps I should see my GP when I go back to my town for the next month.  I think I will!  I don't want these ongoing headaches.


Re: Feeling a lot more at ease

When someone I'm close to goes MIA that makes me nervous. Like last night, it was really unusual my for sister to be out so late without at least texting or something. Turns out she was out eating at Jamie Oliver's !!! Sigh. It's good to know your psych is all cured now.


OooOoo00o0o going on placement for 5 weeks sounds heaps exciting and a little scary ! How are you feeling about that ?


It sounds as if your psych might experience big change in their life. The idea of a private practice sounds pretty cool I have to admit. Indeed, whatever happens happens. Smiley Happy All the best !


The side effects of some medicines suck ! Hopefully the GP can prescribe something helpful.  


Re: Feeling a lot more at ease

Yes!! Though I think it's because I was so anxious about what she would have to say. Plus it also seemed unusual for her (not that I know her that well!).

Oh Jamie Oliver's restaurant! Fifteen? Amazing!! I went there when I went to see Wicked in Melb. I ate my way through that place. So tantalising!

Placement, yeah I'm excited about it. Though I am a little unsure how my body is going to physically respond to it. These headaches have been really impacting my day to day living so I hope that it doesn't make me appear uninterested or cranky. If you get what I mean.

The whole thing with my psych possibly not working at uni affects me in that i have a problem with people leaving me. This includes health professionals. I haven't told her this and have worked really hard to try not get attached to her. But it's so hard!! I actually ended up talking to her about how she got into psych yesterday and just her life in general. She said she loves working at the uni but is sick of the bureaucracy. I mentioned how much I dislike humans and we talked about how people are idiots. It was a good one. Smiley Wink Thanks though...I just really hope I don't have to start seeing someone else. Because I don't know how i feel about that at all.

Yeah I hope there is something else I can give a go for these headaches. Psych said I need to use more relaxation know added to the trillion I already do  Smiley Tongue   Well I had the best day in weeks today. I'm relaxed! I'm going to give acupuncture a go. To try and release some of the built up tension.


Re: Feeling a lot more at ease

Hey sagira,

Good on you for emailing your psych. It sounds like you had a productive session with her and that quite a bit was covered in the session.

Hopefully you'll be able to continue seeing her whatever happens as it sounds like you connect well with her which is very valuable when finding a psychologist!

Take care.