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Feeling blue

I have anxiety and I find it hard to cope most days when I’m like this I need support only support helps me 


Re: Feeling blue

Hey there @Guzman123 I am really sorry you are having trouble with anxiety, but it is awesome you have reached out for support, and know that support benefits you! Is there anything you can do at the moment to make yourself feel good? Like a cup of tea or some helpful breathing techniques?

Here to talk, and part of the support brigade!! Smiley Very Happy

I hope you feel better soon Heart

Re: Feeling blue

Thank for the reply I’m having disturbed sleep but I sleep through the night but I’m morning while I’m still in the REM sleep cycle I feel like everything is me and I just feel depressed but I don’t have depression talking helps horror movies help also 

Re: Feeling blue

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble sleeping, that can sometimes put our emotions out of wack, and make us feel down. I applaud you for posting on the forums about your feelings and I am glad you find watching horror movies helpful.


Making a really great self-care routine can be helpful with coping with your emotions. Perhaps watching a movie now might distract you a little?

Is there any family or friends you can speak with about this? 

Re: Feeling blue

No I don’t really talk about it but I’m easily triggered I have a disability and many trips to hospital emergency departments on the back of an ambulance in April I had something wrong with my heart it was beating too fast and at a point it stopped but the doctors managed to restart my heart but it was still beating fast I was on ventilator breathing tube down my throat when I woke up they got to cough the tube out and I was on oxygen in short stay awake my heat rate slowly drop to 60 where it should be put I stayed elevated the emergency doctors put in a ward for 3 days I was given lots of different meds to manage my chest pain my blood pressure was low so I was made to drink 4 cups of water I was allowed to get up to go to the bathroom but I’ve managed since then I’m feeling better now and last time I was in emergency I was in for an infection which made me sick and I had to stay home for 5 day on antibiotics 

Re: Feeling blue

Wow, that sounds like a lot to deal with in a short amount of time, and quite scary. Im sorry to hear you have been through this! 


You are very brave and strong for getting through all of your health issues, and I am proud of you! We are all here for support. Heart

Re: Feeling blue

Hi @Guzman123,


I'm so sorry to hear everything you have been going through Heart It sounds like there has been so much happening, and we are just so in awe of the strength and courage it takes to talk about the experiences you have had with your health Heart I hope you can feel like this is a safe place for you to share and always have someone to support you like @bigavocado has today.


I'm hearing at the moment that you haven't felt like you can talk to anyone about what you are going through, is this correct? Do you have a GP or health professionals that you are seeing at the moment?


With so much happening, it is good you have been able to identify some things like watching movies that are helpful. Do you have any other hobbies you enjoy?


We are always here to listen and support you through this Heart


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Re: Feeling blue

I see a psychologist weekly 

Re: Feeling blue

Hi @Guzman123 it's great that you are seeing a psychologist for support. How are you looking after yourself tonight? If you find that you're struggling and want some further support you can also contact eHeadspace or Kids Helpline, they have web chat and phone support available. We're here for you Heart

Re: Feeling blue

I just feeling extremely unhappy and everything is my fault