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Re: Feeling like I am sinking

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your responses and I also apologize for my late response. I think my biggest worry with university is about getting hit with all the anxiety and stress like I did 2 years ago. That's when I realized that I needed to see a professional in mental health again.  I've had two psychologist since then (My first one left the job) and both have been great and really understanding! However, I can only afford monthly sessions because I need to help out with board and bills where I live and plus my mental health care plan has run out. Overall, I am just trying not to do everything at once with my assignments and I am only doing 3 subjects, which is much as I can handle at the moment. I am also trying not to stress out with my home situation, but that will take time to get use to or fix! Thank you all for your concerns Smiley Happy