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Feeling miserable

Honestly I just feel inexplicably terrible right now.

I feel like I should be doing something but I don't have the motivation.


I'm going through cycles of intense boredom and hyperactivity then sadness and hopelessness and a total lack of energy.

I don't like how similar it's starting to look to bipolar, the last thing I need right now is a new disorder.. 


I'm trying to figure out what I can do.

So far my only option is to ask mum to book an appointment, wait two weeks to get her to actually book it, wait a month or two until my psychiatrist is free and try some new meds that'll probably have worse side effects than what it's trying to treat. 

Hardly seems worth it...

Re: Feeling miserable

I’m so sorry to hear how you have been feeling lately @Tiny_leaf Smiley Sad that sounds absolutely horrible!
Do you think you could try make a schedule for being at home? So when you are feeling bored you have something to do and also it’s a distraction from all your other feelings. Kind of like a list to help keep yourself occupied but not too intense. Maybe you could set a goal to finish off the year?

Journaling could also be an option too.. it sounds like you have a lot of strong emotions being kept inside so do you think it would be a release to get it all out onto paper? If you don’t like the idea of journaling, have you heard of the book ‘wreck this journal’? You can find these online.. I think I’m gonna buy one. Sounds pretty stupid but it would give me something better to do I guess

Have you been doing self care at all lately? I’ve recently made a jar with an act of self care on each piece of paper inside. These include taking a nice hot bubble bath, having a movie marathon with My dog and food, doing a face mask ect.

Lately, Pinterest! Pinterest Is an app/website that has a lot of helpful things! Just search in something random like ‘things to do when bored’ ‘self care tips’ ‘hobbies’ ‘motivational quotes’ or anything really.

Sorry if these options wouldn’t help you. They’re just some things that have helped me and I hope you find what works for you Smiley Happy thinking of you Heart

Re: Feeling miserable

Hi @Tiny_leaf , 


I'm really sorry to hear that things are tough right now. I am still getting to know everyone, so please bear with me of some of this doesn't resonate with you! 


From what I've seen on your posts, you seem to be a really intelligent, compassionate person who is a really valued member of this community. 


Getting the motivation to do things, especially if you feel like your mental health is sliding a bit, can be really challenging. Celebrating the small victories can be helpful and motivating - once you build some momentum, taking further actions can become easier - posting here is a really positive step, and I'm glad that you are continuing to reach out here for support. 


I hear your concern about having a new diagnosis, and I can imagine that feels scary and overwhelming - hopefully your psychiatrist will be able to work with you to unpack what is going on for you, and though a diagnosis can be confronting, it can also assist a lot in finding the right strategies that can help you. 


@Bananatime04  gave some really fantastic ideas about different things that may help you in the meantime, do you feel like any of these resonate with you at the moment? Another option could be working with a psychologist or counsellor in the meantime, if you think that would be helpful. 


There's a lot of people here to support you, it's fantastic that you are able to keep sharing what you're going through in this space. 

Re: Feeling miserable

Thank you @Bananatime04 and @Janine-RO 


@Bananatime04 Ooh, I've been meaning to look more into pintrest but haven't got the chance yet..

The list is definitely a good idea.


@Janine-RO yeah, I really need to work on getting counselling. I have a new therapist, but I've only seen her twice and don't trust her yet..


Probably it's also worth noting that I have new symptoms rather than a new diagnosis. Because no two people seem to fully agree on what I have, most people seem to have decided that there is no point trying to get one at this point.


Basically if I want to understand what's going on, I have to do it myself, and self diagnosis aren't always accurate..

I think atm there's like a 50/50 change. Which is.. enough to have me worried but not enough to convince me that I definitely have it...

Re: Feeling miserable

Also I just really need to say that the NDIS is a complete mess and the whole process is.. triggering in a lot of ways. 

Re: Feeling miserable

Hi @Tiny_leaf , 


I hear your uncertainty around getting a new diagnosis, I think it's a very common experience worrying about new symptoms that we may be experiencing and wondering what they may mean. Continuing work with your therapist sounds really positive, it definitely takes time to build trust with someone new and let them know your story, especially if you've had challenging experiences in the past, and it shows a lot of courage on your part that you're continuing to work with them. A skilled therapist will hopefully be able to work with you, so that you don't feel that you're alone in unpacking what is going on- you're right when you say that self diagnosis isn't always accurate. 


I'm sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience navigating the NDIS, it sounds like it can be quite a challenging process for a lot of people, and I know that going through the review process can be stressful. 


We are always here to offer you support Heart 


I really admire the compassion and support you show to everyone here, from what I've seen you make really thoughtful contributions, and we are really glad you're a part of this space. 

Re: Feeling miserable

Thank you @Janine-RO 

Re: Feeling miserable

Hey @Tiny_leaf Smiley Happy
I’ve been thinking of you over the past few days as I haven’t heard much from you. I really hope you’re doing ok Heart I’ve also just been thinking of how thankful I am to have come across reach out to ‘meet’ you. You have honestly made the biggest positive impact on my journey with my mental health. Without you I guess I really would not even be here.. you have made me realise that I am not alone and that I have a purpose in life during the hardest moments where I didn’t want to keep going. I appreciate you opening up and sharing your stories with me that I can relate to because it makes me feel like I’m not a mistake with problems no one else has.. you changed that feeling of mine. I really can’t thank you enough! And also, thank you so much for the hours you’ve spent staying up with my on really tough nights. My list of thank you’s could go on forever! Just know that you are much appreciated by me and I’m sure of many other users! Like Lexi!

Hope you’re doing well Heart thinking of you xx

Re: Feeling miserable

Thank you @Bananatime04 Heart

It means a lot.

I'm glad I could help in some way Heart