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Feeling overwhelmed

I have so much to do..

I'm so tired. There's just so much and it's too much. I hate relying on other people but I have no choice.

I'm trying so hard with everything and nothing's working and I'm exhausted and overwhelmed.

I want to cry but I don't have the energy.

I barely have the energy to move.

I don't know how I'm going to do everything I need to do.

Re: Feeling overwhelmed

Hi @Tiny_leaf. Really sorry to hear that you're feeling so many uncomfortable emotions. I often get pretty overwhelmed also but struggle to find the motivation to do anything. 

I know for myself going for a walk helps a lot with those uncomfortable feelings as you're being productive and also allowing yourself to breathe. I know you said you barely have the energy to move, but I do really encourage you to even just do some stretching for 5 minutes if you feel comfortable. 

I'm curious as to why you struggle to rely on other people? 

I also hope you know that all those things that you need to do can wait! Your own health is so much more important. I know for me I get to points where I still have so much work to do but I have no more energy/motivation to do anymore that I have to pull myself away, watch some trash tv, read a good book or just go to sleep. 

Re: Feeling overwhelmed

I'm sorry you're still feeling exhausted @Tiny_leaf Smiley Sad One thing at a time, hey? I know it helps me not to focus on the big picture all the time but break it down

Re: Feeling overwhelmed

@letsheal my health depends in them they really can't wait.

Plus I'm nearly out of NDIS funding so I can't push back that meeting.


Everything that I could put back I have. I've even had to put back some things I really shouldn't.

And it's still all too much.


I struggle to rely on people because the people I have to rely on are very unreliable, but I get no choice. 

Re: Feeling overwhelmed

@Lost_Space_Explorer5 yeah I guess..

Re: Feeling overwhelmed

I’m here if you need a chat tonight @Tiny_leaf Heart

Re: Feeling overwhelmed

@Tiny_leaf  I'm so sorry you've got a lot on your plate right now. Smiley Sad I can understand you not wanting to rely on other people, but there is nothing wrong about having some support around you, especially as you've been going through such a difficult time. It's frustrating that they are unreliable though. Have you tried communicating to them how their unreliability affects you?

Re: Feeling overwhelmed

They're basically unpaid carers. Also I feel like they resent the amount they have to do for me.

It wouldn't go down well.

Re: Feeling overwhelmed

Hey @Tiny_leaf , how are you doing today? I can hear how exhausting and overwhelming it's all feeling at the moment ,and it must be so frustrating having to rely on people who aren't the most reliable Smiley Sad Is it a review for your NDIS plan that's coming up? 




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Re: Feeling overwhelmed

@Janine-RO yeah it's really soon I need it to happen but I'm scared I just want to hide but I have no choice...