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Re: Feeling overwhelmed

Ugh, I hate that restless feeling Smiley Sad I hope your dad finishes up whatever he is doing soon so he can help you out. Could you ask him when that might be? 


Re: Feeling overwhelmed

Sometimes it feels like the barrier between two worlds is getting thinner.

Everything is getting closer.

I don't know where to go from here.


Re: Feeling overwhelmed

@Tiny_leaf  It is very hard when that happens idk how to be helpful but I hope the barrier starts to get bigger or at least doesn’t get any smaller. 


Re: Feeling overwhelmed

Hey @Tiny_leaf , it sounds like that would feel pretty unsettling and scary Smiley Sad How are you feeling this morning? 


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Re: Feeling overwhelmed

So apparently the hospital I go to has turned thier outpatient physio and hydrotherapy into a covid clinic.


They haven't actually told any of thier patients about this.

They haven't come up with any alternative ways of treating us while we can't access that hospital.


I'm very angry actually.

They can't just drop a bunch of patients like this.

Like obviously they need a separate space to test for covid. Because it's a pandemic.

But they also need to maybe actually support or come up with alternate plans for their existing patients?


Re: Feeling overwhelmed

Oh and the drink I thought was fine for me to have because it wasn't advertised as "diet" or "sugar free".

Ahaha. Turns out there was a tiny label that said "low calories". 

Which means that it has some sugar. But also has that fucking energy-less sweetener that always makes me feel really sick.

Not that it was properly labeled so that I could avoid it because they're allowed to just label things "natural sweetener"


Re: Feeling overwhelmed

@Tiny_leaf that’s bull shit! I can see why you’d be angry, I certainly would be too Smiley Sad do you think they would move the hydrotherapy to a local pool? Also are there any other physio places in your area?

But seriously that is stupid.. back in tassie they put the COVID clinic on a small unused colder sack (the dead end streets that are wider at the end so you can go around to turn) so you just drive through and they had a bus with the seats taken out to hold all the medical supplies for when they closed. I don’t see why they wouldn’t do that where you are, I think it’s better as an outside drive through.

Is there anything you could do to like make a complaint or some online physio exercises you could do?

Maybe it could be a resting period for you? Idk Smiley Sad

I’m sure they wouldn’t just abandon you all... that’s just horrible

I’m so sorry Smiley Sad

Re: Feeling overwhelmed

Thanks @Bananatime04 


It's all already happened now though.


The pool has been closed since the start if the pandemic.


We've had no communication from them since they called to tell us.


We've had to chase them up, once at the start to learn that they have no plans for any of thier patients and again to learn that they were using that whole area for covid.


I wish I was as optimistic as you... but they really have just abandoned us.

It's not the worse thing for me since my conditions are chronic and pretty stable, but it would be devastating for someone who was recovering from a knee surgery or injury.


Hmm... using a public pool might work, though it wouldn't have all the medical equipment.

Still, it might be better than nothing.


I'm definitely going to make a complaint. And I think I might mention your idea with the pool.

Another option is to temporarily refer us to hospitals who I actually have pools open.

But they shouldn't be able to just drop a whole group of patients.


Like I understand it's a stressful time to be a hospital right now.

But it's also a pretty fucking stressful time to be disabled.

And my and others conditions aren't going to disappear in the meantime.

Especially without basic treatment.


Re: Feeling overwhelmed

I am sorry to hear that you have not received any news or support from the hospital after figuring out that you can't access it anymore @Tiny_leaf. I think it is very understandable that you are angry at this situation, as it has lead to you not being able to access your support services. I think Bananatime04's idea of making a complaint is really good, and I would definitely recommend it! Hopefully that way you will get some more information and will receive some more support. Definitely also think that it would be a good idea to try out the local pool if you are able to. Hopefully you find it to be helpful Smiley Happy I hope that you have been able to do something nice for yourself tonight to help yourself feel a bit better Heart

Re: Feeling overwhelmed

@Sophia-RO hopefully something will work.