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Feeling sad and useless....

I'm just a young guy. I'm pretty okay with my social life, I have nice friends and all that stuff. But deep down, I feel all depressed and useless. I have nothing special about me, all I do is loath around, but I can't do stuff as well because of my time restraints...
I despise myself as to what I led myself into. At school, I'm in a club I don't like, which makes things worse, I have a girl I like, but I can't tell her because of my ideals. (I don't want to be a person who uses my girl to make other guys jealous, instead make the girls jealous because my partner has a person like me) and looking at my situation, I'm going nowhere.....
I staff off these bad feelings as well as I can by staying occupied with listening to more brighter songs and such, but that only provides temporary relief from the sadness that just returns.
I look around, people have smiles plastered on their faces, they look so satisfied and without worries, look at those couples at school and how happy they seem, why can't I have that? I ask myself that.
Any help?

Re: Feeling sad and useless....

Hey @Crunchyness and welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy
I'm sorry that you're going through a tough time right now, school can be really tough. What are some things that you enjoy doing? Are there any other clubs at school that you might enjoy doing?

At school, everyone has different problems and sometimes those problems can be difficult to see. The people who look satisifed, might actually be stressed or have something else wrong.

Re: Feeling sad and useless....

Welcome @Crunchyness! Feeling useless and worried isn't much fun. I agree with @N1ghtW1ng, comparing yourself to other people can be so tempting but it's not very helpful. Even if someone looks like they have no worries, that doesn't mean they actually do. All you can focus on is making yourself feel better. You mentioned listening to music helps sometimes, have you tried anything else - going for a walk, relaxation techniques, painting? Another thing that helps if you feel depressed is speaking to someone who specialises in mental health. I noticed you might not be in Australia, but usually if you visit your GP they can refer you onto a psychologist. Otherwise some schools have counsellors you can make an appointment with. Is that something you'd be willing to try?

Re: Feeling sad and useless....

@Crunchyness it sounds like you are going through a really difficult time Smiley Sad


It might seem like others are really happy all the time but in my experience people are never as happy as they seem - we all try to wear a brave face but everyone has their own struggles and problems.


Have you thought about having a chat with the school counsellor?


Re: Feeling sad and useless....

Thanks, you seem to have lifted my spirits a little. Being able to talk about it lifts some of the weight off my shoulders. And yeah, I can paint quite a nice piece of art (I can score around 90 average in arts). And I do compose songs and my friends seem to like them.
It's just I feel unimpressive, you know? All of these arts and music can be a bit bland, maybe it's a lack of the feelings I'm trying to portray. And I'm surrounded by great people, most of my friends seem to be able to show their talents on a great scale and go for competitions on up to a national level. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting at my desk with a pencil and a guitar with my laptop. Just boring, I tell you.

Re: Feeling sad and useless....

@Crunchyness if it's any consolation I can certainly relate to the feeling of artist/writers block that you seem to be going through. Have you tried actively seeking some inspiration? Could you go to some galleries? I find looking at other people's art almost always inspires me

Re: Feeling sad and useless....

Hey! Welcome to Reachout!

Art is such an amazing thing, the amount of different ways you can express yourself, and it all being art, whether your draw, paint, write or create, it's all art, and every form of it has such an amazing way to release and show how you may be feeling deep down.

Now, about how you've been feeling yourself, I was in a much similar situation with how I felt when I was still at school. The way I found to manage with it was actually doing sketches in class (although I don't recommend sketching on the corners and back of your exam papers, that didn't seem to go well with me in year 12), and also writing in spare time. Just being able to write and sketch my thoughts and emotions, cleared my mind slightly at the time. It wasn't a permanent solution, but until I was able to go and get a bit of fresh air and time to myself, it worked fine.

I know it doesn't work for everyone, and I know you've been doing pretty much that, but try focus on expressing your emotions a little more with art,

Let me know how it goes, and we can have a little chat about what other writing styles and art techniques you prefer to use Smiley Tongue

Re: Feeling sad and useless....

Actually, my best form of art are more on dark-ish types. My favorite is one where a person just sits on a round windowsill with a cup of coffee staring out at a starry night sky. I did the best job on that one imo, described me I guess, I'm kinda lonely but still at peace, with a huge world out there, I'm still just doing nothing much Smiley Tongue
I like drawing night skies and using the computer to do corrections and add more depth. Just something about starry skies that just get me. Trust me, I'm gonna visit a dark night reserve when i grow old enough (if there are any left)
My emotions toward another are also something, like I mentioned, like any other boy my age (I'm 16), I like a girl, but I tend to suppress my feelings. Heh, I just feel like I won't know if it'll work out. And it's either I try now and see if it works or I'll never be able to again. The thing is I want to be a GREAT person before I do so, or else I'll feel just like a regular person, I want to be able to make my girlfriend think "Wow, what a nice guy I chose", maybe it's me just being too idealistic, but I want things to be that way.
But I'm seeing some sort of improvements, classmates I smile more nowadays. And best of all the girl said "it's nice your smiling, so you won't waste that handsome face of yours". I blushed like a tomato afterward. I tend to be called handsome by most people coz my build is for the most part, quite lean and my facial features are quite well. tbh I look more like an 18 year old dude than 16.
It's tough actually, there are actually quite a few girls who confessed to me before. From what I heard, they think I have that "cold, but still cool attitude". I prefer to be a brighter person. Why it's gotta be the girl I like that oblivious to me? xD
Well, here's to a brighter outcome! Cheers

Re: Feeling sad and useless....

@Crunchyness your picture sounds beautiful - I too have a thing for starry nights I am obsessed with them. I haven't heard of dark night reserves I must go to one of those!!

If you are in the Melbourne area you should check out Arthur Loureiro's paintings at Fed Square they are stunning.

I also love Jane Burton - you should check her out - she has some really dark beautiful photographs

It sounds like she is interested in you if she said that to you! As for wanting her to think you are a nice/great person - you can only be the best that you can be if that makes sense. So I think you should just go for it if it's what you want! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Feeling sad and useless....

If it makes you feel any better @Crunchyness, nobody knows if a potential relationship will work out! It sounds promising if she is giving you compliments though!


We have a thread for posting photos of our artworks. Would you feel comfortable sharing some of your work with us?