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Re: Feeling so much self doubt

@mspaceK  I'm so sorry that you're still out of work. Job hunting can be so disheartening, especially during a recession. Smiley Sad
I just wanted to say that you've already achieved so much. You've made amazing progress with your mental health. Well done for keeping up with your hobbies and chatting to your supports! Smiley Happy
I really hope that something comes up for you eventually. I know that you have so much to offer any employer. Being rejected doesn't mean that you're a failure.
I am also struggling with my sleeping habits right now. Something I have learned is not to stress about getting a 'perfect' night's sleep or waking up during the night because I feel like anxiety about sleep can keep me awake. We also have a few articles about sleep here.

Re: Feeling so much self doubt

Hey @mspaceK, I'm sorry to hear about how you've been feeling lately. I think we all have moments in our lives when we are not feeling the most confident, I know I certainly do and I've shed plenty of tears because of it! But there's always a light at the end of the tunnel!

From your previous replies it sounds as though you have a good plan set in place and some very very supportive friends and family! I thought I would perhaps provide some advice on how you can best motivate yourself to stick to a daily routine and a healthy sleep schedule (keep in mind you don't have to strictly adhere to them everyday but they could be a good starting point!).

Firstly, I would suggest doing one task each day that you know you will be able to complete - could be as simple as making your bed or having a shower! The aim is to build up the number of tasks you set yourself each week so that you form a type of routine. You could even give yourself a daily/weekly treat (e.g., chocolate, watch an episode of something on netflix, play a video game) as a reward for completing the tasks. This will also help to increase motivation levels!

In terms of sleep, I haven't quite mastered this myself lol - I'm a sucker for a 2-hour nap during the day. But I've learnt that my body usually needs this extra sleep to feel good. Our thoughts/feelings can often take a physical toll on our bodies so its good to embrace the added sleep. If you find that you can't sleep during the night, I like to make sure my room feels nice and cozy to help induce sleep. And I don't force myself to sleep if I'm not tired. However, if i am tired but cant sleep for some reason i like listen to sleep playlist on Spotify, I find it distracting from all the thoughts.

I really hope this makes you feel better! Is there anything else you would like some advice/support with? We're all more than happy to help!

Re: Feeling so much self doubt

Hi @mspaceK,
I'm happy to hear that you have plenty of supports from you friends and boyfriend. I hope everything will be good for your application with jobs!
For the sleep issues, I have definite same problem with you. I always feel tired and go to sleep during day, which makes me cannot fall asleep at night. I would say the COVID really interrupts people's daily routine and I think quite a lot people have same issues. So don't be disappointed in yourself (hug).
I found that I only feel asleep when I am staying home, so going outside and getting some fresh air is helpful for me. I think you can have a try with spending some time outside of your house. Like having walk outside, finding a quiet place outside (a place without many people) to sit down and do some reading (and wear your mask plz).

Re: Feeling so much self doubt

@jamijam @Macaria @WheresMySquishy @November13 @Taylor-RO 


Thanks everyone. 


I've been able to fix my sleeping pattern a couple times a week. This is huge progress. I'm not going to bed as early as I would like to every day of the week but it's certainly improved so that's a plus. 


The job hunting isn't getting much better though to be honest. It's still making me feel really shit. I just wish all these restrictions would go away so that my current work employers can open back up and I can at least go back to my casual job. Smiley Sad it's been 7 months now. Smiley Sad 


Today I'm feeling quite anxious and stressed. I had a good sleep, early night and woken up at decent time which is great. Yet today I feel awful emotionally. I don't really know why. I'm not trying to look for a specific reason. But I feel sad. 

Re: Feeling so much self doubt

Hey! I completely understand what you're going through. You're not alone. It's amazing that you're able to acknowledge these feelings to reach out for some advice.
Firstly, I want to say, that these have been such unpredictable times, you're allowed to feel sad and let yourself cry, even if it feels unexpected. So much of our lives are unexpected at the moment, your feelings will reflect this and that's okay.
Maybe something you could try is doing some online classes? I know that they help me to feel accomplished when I finish them as if I've really helped myself to learn a new skill. They build my confidence by knowing that we are more capable than we give ourselves credit for!
LinkedIn Learning has so many! They're short (a couple of hours), can be done at any time, give you a certificate for your profile at the end and most importantly allow you to learn new skills that might help with some confidence as you continue to go into the workforce.
Best of luck.
Please do reach out if you continue to feel at a loss. Smiley Happy

Re: Feeling so much self doubt

Hey @mspaceK 

Good on you for making changes to your sleep, that is so good to hear that has improved for you, sleep habits are damn hard to change, so cool that you have done that. 

Sorry you're still having such a rough time with the job hunt and that you're having a shit day today. Seven months is a long time, its so unfair that you're going through that and that you're feeling so sad today. Have you got anything planned for the rest of the day? Would you want to try and do one of the things you mentioned like drawing or video gaming? You deserve to feel nice feelings Heart

Re: Feeling so much self doubt

@mspaceK I know you posted a little bit ago but if it makes you feel better I applied for a company and they sent me like 8 rejection emails by the last one I was like I'm pretty sure I got the point that I didn't get the job hahahaha rejection can be rough but just think of it as a way for a new, better, different opportunity around the corner. I'm glad you have a support system you can talk to and it's also great that you've been able to change your sleep patterns, even a small step in the right direction can help massively! Something that helps me if I want to sleep in is making plans or booking an appointment first thing in the morning so I know I'll wake up, is that something that could work for you? Even making plans to meet your boyfriend or your friends for something small like exercise? But also about waking up and feeling stressed/anxious/sad I feel you and I think sometimes it's okay to just feel the way we do especially when tough stuff is getting us down. Yesterday I got home, went straight to the freezer and had a massive spoon of ice cream, and it made me feel so much better even though it was small, or lighting a candle makes me feel calmer. Is there anything like that that can help you ease your anxiety/get you out of your head like having a lil dance party in your bedroom to your favourite song? Heart

Re: Feeling so much self doubt

I'm feeling really shit today. I went to bed early but couldn't sleep for 3 hours. So when I got called into work this morning finally I was too tired and didn't get ready in time so I had to cancel. I'm so disappointed in myself. If my sleeping pattern was good then this wouldn't have happened. And I just feel tired and awful. I don't want to nap because then I probably won't sleep tonight. Urghhhh. I'm just so frustrated. 


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Re: Feeling so much self doubt

Heya @mspaceK , sorry to hear that you're feeling shit - like a lot of people here, I can really relate to how hard it is when your sleeping patterns get a bit messed up. It sounds like you've been working so hard on making changes there - that is huge! So don't be too hard on yourself if there's  still days like today when it's all a bit shit. On a practical note, one thing I found really helpful when I was trying to re-set my body clock was getting outside and doing some exercise in that early morning light, even if it was just a walk around the block - there's been a heap of research done in the last few years about how important light is in helping to regulate our body clocks (it's the same reason why looking at screens and phones at night can be really bad). Maybe you could do a walk or something, then take a quick 20 min nap later if you are still exhausted? 


From everything I've read here you've been doing such a great job at persevering at the job hunt and that is amazing - these are such full on times to be job hunting, and it's a process that frankly can suck at the best of times. Vent here whenever you need to - we're all in your corner.


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Re: Feeling so much self doubt

@mspaceK I'm sorry to hear you're not having a good day having a bad sleep can really affect motivation, mood energy. Did you go to sleep earlier than you usually do? Sometimes going cold-turkey and going to bed way earlier than you usually do means you're still feeling wide awake when you hit the pillow. Try not to be too hard on yourself, I know that's easier said than done but it's not your fault that you had a bad sleep and weren't able to get to work. There's still so much left of the day try not to completely write it off as a bad day, I know I wanted to do that yesterday after a frustrating morning but I did something I enjoyed (lit a candle, journaled, watched a bit of YouTube and 'reset' my day instead of totally cancelling it). Maybe today you could do something that makes you happy or tonight you could try decaffeinated teas that help you sleep, do a meditation/journal or have a warm shower... would any of those things work? 


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