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Follow my heart? Or my mind?

Hey guys,


So, this week's been interesting! (I know I'm only 14, but) I've had a tough week with relationships.


So there is this guy. We've dated twice before but my anxiety took over and I had to break up with him.

We've had time apart, time together (he did date 3 of my friends, he said it was because he missed me and they were so like me that it felt 'normal') but now, we're pretty close.


Every day, everyone asks if we are dating because we act like we are but I still feel anxious around him.

His most recent ex girlfriend tries to ask me about 'us' but I really don't want to talk to her about it.

My friends all say to 'follow my heart' but I don't hear it (I love metaphors!).


I really really like him, and we've been so close this past month, and I've absolutely loved everything-

Except my anxiety!!


I don't want to let him go but it's effecting my education because I feel so ill every day.



Re: Follow my heart? Or my mind?

Hey Majorminor,


Sounds like you've had a pretty full on week. It can be really hard to know what to do when all the options make you feel anxious.

Whenever I find myself in that type of situation, if possible, I try and do nothing. Sometimes anxiety can make us feel like we need to make a decision or take some action immediately but often we don't see that one of the choices is to just do nothing for a bit.

Are you able to just keep things are they are for a while, to work out a bit better how you feel? 

Re: Follow my heart? Or my mind?

Hey MajorM, I think maybe Ngaio has some good advice there... You've acknowledged that you are feeling anxious a lot and that you need to deal with separately - so is "doing nothing" while you get the right help sorted out an option for you? That is, letting things stay as they are while you get help figured out?

You do not have to live like this - help is out there and there are so many ways that professionals can help you with anxiety. I know so many people like you - who lived with anxiety - but then they worked out which help was right for them and finally were able to live without anxiety controlling their life and all the decisions they made! It can take a few trys but it is so possible.

I really urge you to call you nearest Headspace centre and make an appointment to go in. They'll have a GP that's female most likely (you mentioned that you'd like that in a previous post) and the best thing is that all their doctors are experienced with working with people your age with mental health difficulties.

Or get in touch with to chat online

Online Community Manager

Re: Follow my heart? Or my mind?

Thank you for all of your help, I've gone to my GP to discuss how I've been feeling and stress has taken over a lot but I can beat it. I am trying to 'do nothing' while I am on the meds because I've run away from everything else thats ever affected me this bad, this is one thing I just can't seem to let go!

Thanks guys!