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Foster care

My third night in foster care. I'm scared and lonely. This isn't home, it's nicer and better but it still isnt sitting quite right. I'm in a house I don't know with people I don't know, I'm worried. I start at a new school tomorrow. This is a whole new life, but im scared, I don't know anyone or anything here. I it's need someone to talk to.

Re: Foster care

Hi @Ty20,

Welcome to Reachout! I am so glad you found us. Smiley Happy

I am sorry you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and lonely right now. It is totally understandable, you are going through a lot being in a new foster home and starting at a new school tomorrow. I am glad that you feel the foster home is better, and I hope after a little while it won't feel so strange.

You are definitely not alone in being in your situation. If it helps, here's a story by someone in the Reachout community who was in care and faced tough times, but has made it through.

The rocky road to independence.

But I guess maybe what's more important right now is that you have someone you can talk to. I know there are people on ReachOut who have been in similar situations to you - and I hope they'll jump in and say hi over the next couple of days. Do you know about Kids Helpline? It's a phone service you can call when you need someone to talk to - it is free, private and confidential telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25. Their number is 1800 55 1800. Do you reckon you could give them a ring? You can also chat to them online if you prefer.

In the meantime, I hope you'll come back and let us know how you're going after your first day at school. Good luck for your first day!




Re: Foster care

Hey Ty20 - that's a lot of cope with. So glad you reached out to us though! So much change all at once - it makes sense that you are feeling scared and lonely, but I'm sorry you are feeling that way. You seem to me like someone who can seek out support when they need it (you found us afterall!) so I bet you are someone who is pretty resilient and will also seek out support at your new school in supportive new friends and talking to the school counsellor if you need to.

We'd love to hear how school went today? Has anyone else got some new school/new town stories or experiences they can share with Ty??

Online Community Manager

Re: Foster care

Hi @Ty20 


It sounds like you're in a tough situation atm and dealing with a lot of different emotions. I can't understand what you're feeling since I've never been in Foster Care, but I know that everyone deserves support. A few support options have been mentioned so far but some others include Headspace (either in person or over the phone or web chat (eHeadspace), see if there's a school counsellor, keep chatting to us on here,  if they're apporachable could you talk to your foster carers or get them to take you for a mini tour of your area to make it seem or approachable?


Also, when everything gets too much for me I like to take some time to do something that will help me relax or smile. Are there things that help you to do that like reading or listening to music or writing?


Also, I second @Sophie-RO 's question- how was your first day? Were you able to connect with anyone or is there a subject that interested you?


I hope it all becomes easier for you over time and keep seeking help when you need it. Smiley Happy


Re: Foster care

Hey @Ty20
It sounds like you are going through a lot right now and that is understandable to feel the way you do right now. Change can be scary but all you can do is take things one step at a time and one day at a time.

I hope your first day was a good one Smiley Happy
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Foster care

Hey @Ty20 

How are you feeling today?


Re: Foster care

my first day was ok... it's difficult starting at a new school in year 11, everyone has their friends and mostly known each other since year seven. 

I used to live on the other side of Melbourne so I dont know the area or anyone who goes to my school yet, met some people today but i guess it takes time. I think my favourite subject is business management, i was enrolled in it at school at home but i hardley ever went, but this is a new start. 


@sophie-RO  - i guess i am sort of the person to seek help if i need but im also scared to, it depends on the situation, when i was living with mum and dad, they'd hurt me pretty bad, but i was too scared to speak up about it and waited for somebody to catch up on it. 




Re: Foster care

hey @Ty20 


Well done on getting through your first day!! That's massive!

And what you say is absolutely true, it takes time to get to know people and form friendships. 

Just be yourself. It's the best way to get people to like who you really are, by always being who you really are.


And if you can find it in yourself to ask for help when you need it. That would be awesome. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Foster care

@Ty20  thank you for reaching out to us for help and sharing your story, I can only imagine the heart ache you're going through. Your strength shouldn't be ignored though you seem like a very strong and smart person so i'm sure you'll be fine. At the start of any form of change it is quite scary and you feel as though you will never settle but as soon as you find a group of friends and get comfortable you'll appreciate the move. I know it can be hard but you should never be scared to speak up and fight for yourself, don't let others push you around or hurt you you're worth more than that. I hope you have gained alot from your experience and are able to incorporate it in your new start. Try going in with an open mind and stepping out of your comfort soon, it wont be easy but the result will be worth it.


Goodluck with everything


Re: Foster care

Hey @Ty20,

I'm glad you came back and let us know your first day was ok  -I was wondering how you'd gotten on. Smiley Happy

Hopefully school will get easier now that you've gotten through the first day and can start to settle in.

Good luck!!