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Re: Frustrated and anxious

@tsnyder I'm afarid some bad timing has hit Smiley Sad


You remember saying how I was going to be on an online TV show? Now I feel left out, I was told that I was going to be "a valuble member of the team" but I've had my role shrunk and am barely in touch with them Smiley Sad  I feel so left out and it's hurting.



Re: Frustrated and anxious

So sorry to hear that @MemphisBelle disappointment sux. Are you able to ask for more involvement?

Re: Frustrated and anxious


Afraid not. If I keep pushing it I could be fired also they felt a larger role would put too much "unfair" pressure on me.

Sorry to do what I usually do and reference pop culture. But I feel like the George Lazenby of the group (I'll explain to you if you like Smiley Happy hehe)

Re: Frustrated and anxious

Sorry to hear that @MemphisBelle it must be disappointing. However this is the nature of showbiz right? Lots of people who went on to have fantastic careers have scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor. It's a disappointment for sure, but if you can find a strategy to cope with it, it will be good to know you can do so again in the future. Did you get a chance to suss Sophie's link?

Re: Frustrated and anxious

@ElleBelle I'm still on the show. It would be FAAARRR worse if I was kicked off all together so that's something.

I mentioned George Lazenby in my previous comment because he is someone of inspiration to me. He only did one  movie as James Bond film but is still acting to this day. I can't wait to see his Dracula movie next year Smiley Happy


I didn't look at the link, will do that when I can

Re: Frustrated and anxious

Being axnious sucks so bad hey, its exhausting worrying all the time over the smallest things haha BUT you are awesome at recognising how you feel and woring at it, so go you!!! Smiley Happy


And ahhhh showbiz eh! Like you said, at least you are still in it. You mentioned about taking time off work, how did that go? 



Re: Frustrated and anxious

Everything is just such a roller coaster. I tried everthing hobbies, walking, supressing my true self but nothing seems to work. The media group called me back so I hope it goes well and they gave me a birthday card yesterday (Monday 13th)

Taking time of work helped, work made me feel even more worthless so hopefully a long break will do me good.

Im okay just a lot of stressful thinking and aniexty

Re: Frustrated and anxious

That's nice that they gave you a birthday card @MemphisBelle ! They must care about you a bit then!


Also, It sounds like you are really becoming good at recognizing when you need to look after yourself, which is such a great skill to have.  Remember to embrace who you are though!

Re: Frustrated and anxious

@MemphisBelle yeah it can feel that way sometimes. But defs don't give up. What about calming things? Like hot baths, candles.. I was AMAZED as what classical music does for me! Reading also works wonders.

And thats awesome that they gave you a card, it is obvious that they value you!

Glad to hear about work too, if it is effecting your well being, it isn't worth it Smiley Happy

Re: Frustrated and anxious

Sometimes relaxation and self-help strategies can be a bit like a shampoo commercial - it won't happen overnight but it will happen! If going for a walk only made you feel 10% better, stick with it and see if next time you feel 20% better! But suppressing your personality is not something I've ever seen recommended as a self help strategy. I reckon you should ditch that idea and start loving yourself - or at the very least, learning to make peace with yourself.