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General advice given about life

There are so much that is going on with life right now, I find it to be so stressful. I try to stay positive but it feels like the bad outweighs the good. I feel so alone and unhappy. I had to leave school (which I really didn’t want to) and now I struggle finding work. My “love life” is all screw up can’t find the “right one” to show me what is like to be love and in it without feeling they going to leave me. I know I love myself. And right now I want a committee relationship. I need a “forever man”. When I feel like I’ll make a hell of gf maybe someone’s wife. 

Re: General advice given about life

Hi @Life2shotie Thanks for opening up today. Sounds like you've been through some big life changes (leaving school) so it makes sense why you'd be feeling so lost. 


I'm glad to hear you say you love yourself! If you focus on your life and working towards making it better for yourself you are bound to attract someone one day Smiley Happy 


What kind of things do make you happy in your life? Do you have any supports or friends you can talk to? 



Re: General advice given about life

Thank you for responding. Yeah, it’s been rough for me and lost my grandmother around the same time I was leaving school. To be honest...I feel like I have less self motivation and I hate that. As of right now, I spend most of my time in the house but I like to go out with friends, places like movies, laser quest, mall, restaurant or anywhere. I do have a few friends and family the support me but not the way I feel like I need. I would like to have a bf by my side too. 🙄

Re: General advice given about life

I'm sorry for your loss @Life2shotie ... Grandmother's are so special and the grief is life long isn't it? 

Have a look at this link for some tips on motivation. It is always hard at the start. Sometimes we have to be robotic about our actions and do the things we don't feel like doing just to get ourselves going again and back into a habit. I think it's important to focus on small goals Smiley Happy


Looks like there are a few places you enjoy going. Building your support networks is a really good way to stay connected. Either planning events yourself or joining sports/hobbies groups.


Re: General advice given about life

Sorry to hear you have been going through a lot @Life2shotie.. those things are really difficult to deal with so I can see why you might be feeling a little less yourself.

There are lots of things you love to do which is awesome.. and as you were saying, it’s hard to do those things sometimes. Have you felt like this way in your life before? Is there anything you’ve learnt from those times?

All the best.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.
– Henry Ford

Re: General advice given about life

Hi @Life2shotie,
I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother Smiley Sad.

You mentioned that you know you love yourself. That is so awesome. I can relate to how you feel because I used to be so frustrated that I couldn't find the right 'one' for me. I have no doubt you will find someone amazing! I know that it's tough for now but I really do believe there's a right match for everyone. It's really cool to see how strong you are though.