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Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

@MemphisBelle It sounds like you have a real passion for film and I'm so glad to hear that you're following that passion!

Please be assured there's nothing embarrassing about that - it's wonderful!

How are you feeling about your decision to go back to TV production and film making?

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Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

About going back,


I'm terrified I'm shaking with fear. I remember some people being really mean to me but they will be gone when I get back.


In other news there is a movie being filmed near me and I auditioned....I got the part of a background extra in the movie.

Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

@MemphisBelle Well done on getting the part! That's great news Smiley Happy

Hope your experience is more positive this time - does anyone have any suggestions of how to cope with returning to a situation that was negative in the past? @MemphisBelle @letitgo 

Jess- RO

Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

What I mean by it being embarrassing was that in high school I got teased a lot for it and the fact I couldn't land jobs in retail or construction but I could talk my way into in a TV ad company...I was worried I wasn't being a skill set or I couldn't survive in the industry


Like people would say "You don't know math but you can name all of Scarlett Johansson's movies" or I could quote a line word for word. I would also get called Rambo or The Terminator a lot.


Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism


I am so sorry that people have teased you by calling you autistic. People can really be cruel without thinking about what they are saying. I really agree with @Ben-RO.. I was going to say how someone close to me has high functioning Autism but I didn't want to sit here and dispel horrible negative stereotypes. Everyone wears a label differently and in my own experience, processing things differently is what makes us who we are.

Also well done on getting the part, that is so so fantastic!

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Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

Well things haven't been well since my last post.


A group of school bullies decided to harass me when I was at work, yes they are much younger than me but there is like 5 of them and one of know I've had people tell me I will miss fucking way....everyday I wake up...I'm grateful that I NEVER have to go that place and be around those people. I remember on my last ever day blasting the victory music from Rocky on my Ipod as I jogged home.


The Autism screening is this Wednesday, still not feeling well about it. I've suffered several anxiety attacks at work and hid in the bathroom a lot recently....I just can't cope right now




Still waiting to hear what is going on with this movie.




Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

Hey @MemphisBelle, I totally understand that you would be feeling a lot of mixed emotions about this upcoming assessment, and that must feel really overwhelming sometimes Smiley Frustrated 

Is there anything specific about the assessment that you're really worried about? 


Also congrats on the movie role, that's freaking awesome!!!! Smiley Tongue


Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

@Autumn23 wrote:

Is there anything specific about the assessment that you're really worried about? 



Well if I do end up being labeled with autism. This is going to be a long post and may contain some anger, none of it directed at the community here however. I'll explain a lot of backstory but I feel it is necessary


This whole thing started back in 2011 due to some bullying, now admittedly I got way to angry at times and brought that bullying on myself, 2012 was when people got "concerned" about my behaviour. 

I tried to be invisible throughout 2012 and 2013, it was perhaps one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life...whenever people expressed concern I repeatedly told them I was fine and just wanted "to go about quietly". I got bullied frequently but I did nothing about, I said nothing and told nobody...I remember my parents having spit reactions. My Dad was incredibly sad I told nobody but my Mum was praising basically saying "Good, give them no attention whatsoever. They will get a laugh out of the principal telling them off anyway"

They believe my silence and odd reasons for not wanting to be involved in things was Autism, I don't think so...I had a bad year previously and wanted to avoid it happening again.


It has since grown more and more since then


Since then, the following concerns about me being autistic have been raised and here's why I disagree

  • My refusal to go certain places- Look if I know some bullies hang out at a certain place, I'm not going near there....I do not want to get involved with that nonsense...also I will be outnumbered
  • My hobbies- This one angers me, I don't think what you like represents you as a person

I don't know if that made any sense, I don't want to think I am Autistic...nothing makes sense.



Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

Hi all, so an update


The screening is 2 days away, feeling mighty spooked but on the bright side I may have some news about this movie very soon.


Feeling stressed at work, one of the other workers has been acting up. A few have told the boss that would prefer I cover his shifts but I'm all-ready nervous with working the hours I work, luckily my boss knows this and has assured he will find another solution to the problem


Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

Hey @MemphisBelle congratulations on getting a part in that movie!! Let us know when/what you find out!


And regarding your concerns, I think what you said makes sense. I can see why you'd want to avoid certain places if there are likely to be bullies/mean people there. And your hobbies and interests are yours, and they certainly do not define you.

I'm glad your boss is understanding about finding another solution to the problem.

By acting up, do you mean that one of the other workers hasn't been very nice to you/others?

How nice of people to say they'd prefer you to cover his shifts - you must do a great job! 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //