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Getting diagnosed with Autism

In about a week or so, I'll have to take a screening test for Autism. I'm not really happy about it, but a lot of people close to me would like me to do it.

A lot of them felt I started showing in signs in 2011, but I don't think nor do I want to think it is Autism. I honestly feel like I'm just a naturally shy person.

Someone felt cause I didn't really enjoy sports or interacting with other classmates that often and liked to keep to myself with other hobbies (movies, books etc)...but again...I just felt like I was shy not autistic... Anyone else have a similar experience with screening tests or disagreements?

That's all I can right now, I'll keep coming back to this thread as it goes on. Thanks

Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

@MemphisBelle I think this is a good thread some good philosophical points about what it means to be labelled with something like Autism (or any developmental/mental health condition). So it can be a big deal to confirm or rule out a formal diagnosis. The prospect of a diagnosis might be very daunting for some, but for others it can provide an explanation or hope, so it doesn't have to "label" us as such. I guess the idea with any diagnosis is to know about possible causes, to hopefully not feel unusual/out of place and to is know how it might be treated or managed. It might be good to look at the pros and cons of finding out and what it actually might mean to have (or not have) a diagnosis. I'm looking forward to hearing other peoples experiences and opinions!

Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

Hi @MemphisBelle 


How are things going for you? 


At the start of this year, I went in for a screening test for aspergers as well (at the request of my mother). Personally, I didn't mind (to be totally honest I thought it was just a psychologist appointment, not a diagnosis thing) but my hope is that if I mention it in uni there will be more understanding, particularly from family as well. 

It's perfectly okay for you to not want to, sometimes it is just shyness and only you can decide that. It's always your choice. 

Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

Not that well really, I'm having one of those moments where I feel like I don't belong and am going in circles.


I don't know what I want to do for a career, I have no idea whatsoever. I was going with video production ages ago, but I no longer feel that is the industry for me and I will not survive in it.

Any sort of subject I have slight interest, I've emailed a business asking for work experience.


I don't have much experience and I did pretty abysmal in the HSC. Band 3s all the way for me


I'll have to take the test but I'm hoping I don't get labeled, I'm really not. I'm sick of people thinking my shyness or whatever is autism....when I want to speak up I will damn it.



Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

@MemphisBelle labels can be great or terrible, it depends on how you wear them. 


For example the people over at wrong planet have the right idea (i think). Autism is just a different way of processing things, and a lot of the challenging stuff associated with that is heaps manageable if people understand and communicate and behave in a way that shows that understanding. That's why they call it wrong planet, because if there was a planet full of people living with ASD's then it's be a pretty great planet. They call people who aren't living with Autism Neurotypical or NT's because ultimately NT's just process things differently to people living with Autism and if the proportions of people changed, they'd be the ones who didn't feel like they fit in. 


SO what i'm getting at is that label is a powerful thing for them, it helps them work together to make a planet that works for them, instead of trying to make themselves work for the planet. A label could be that for you too. It's not one you have to wear on your sleeve for everyone to read, it can be one you can use to help make the world work better for you and never tell a soul. 

Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

I'm just hoping it doesn't happen, cause I have memories of getting bullied and called autistic in high school. If I am well, the bullies win that one.


Some of the reasons people think I am is just ludicrous



Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

@MemphisBelle regardless of your diagnosis, the bullies do not win. You win, because you are here and you are important, and a diagnosis does not define you. Heart

How are you feeling this weekend?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

Not so great,


Work has been incredibly hard to cope with, the holidays are never fun to work in.


I've the job for a little over a year now, it's shopping cart retrieval at a mall....and it's raining today Smiley Sad


I'll be back later this evening after my shift is done



Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

Sorry to hear that @MemphisBelle Smiley Sad. Hopefully work isn't sending you out to get trolleys in the rain...

Re: Getting diagnosed with Autism

Unfortunately I still had to get those trolleys, tbh the fact I even have a job at all is one of the few things holding me together.

Regarding my what I'll do for a career........this is embarrassing

I tried to move on, but I couldn't shake it.....I'm going back to do my TV Production and Filmmaking stuff. As much as I tried to claim that wasn't me, it's still my passion and I get excited thinking about it

I tried to apply to be a construction worker, guy on the phone even said I seemed more artistic (I don't know if I should be proud or sad by that)

I've had two movies I've watched repeatedly Rogue One and Chalet Girl.......something about em made my brain click and be like.....I wanna try movies again.

I'm in shock