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Getting help when there isnt any

I live in a small villiage in Country NSW and I'm a pensioner/carer looking after my husband and daughter who have Bipolar disorder. I suffer from anxiety disorder (GAD). We have been looked after by the GP in the next villiage for many years. However after being on Paroxetine for many years which enabled me to function at about 50%, our GP decided to change my medication. I am now on the 4th change in three months, my head is spinning, I'm vomiting, have the runs and feel like I'm climbing the walls. Meanwhile my husband is very low, borderline suicidal and my daughter isnt well either. 

Today I rang Our GP after checking my diaries an realising I had already been on the new medication he had prescribed, many years ago when we had access to a Psychiatrist and had had a terrible reaction on it. He lost his temper with me and told me if I didnt take it I was no longer his patient. Now I dont know what to do as I am in SSRI withdrawal syndome big time. I have tried every GP within two hours drive and no one is taking new patients so I am effectively without a Dr. This leaves me with only the local hospital. half and hour away on the highway and the trainee Drs that run the emergency department. 

what am I supposed to do now? I'm in tears and feeling what I think is depressed for the first time.  If I go to the emergency room will I be admitted to a psych ward? And who will look after my husband?

Re: Getting help when there isnt any

Hello Frazzled,
It sounds like accessing professional healthcare services is a challenge. It's great you've found Reach Out to voice your concerns. This might be a helpful source to address a few of your concerns - I'm not a medical expert or anything but the side effects your experiencing seem to be troubling you heaps. Maybe when you're able to find medical assistance you can discuss options with the GP and hopefully find something that's less troubling. Keeping a personal record of the medications you've taken is something I should do as well. That's a really good idea.
I think it's important that you take care of yourself as well despite how hard this might be.This might be worth a look at -
Hopefully you get some progress.



Re: Getting help when there isnt any

Hey Frazzled


You might also want to try - they're a directory of mental health services in NSW so it might have some more options in your area. It's a bit concerning that your GP reacted that way about you not wanting to take medications that you've previously had bad reactions to. SSRI withdrawal can be really serious and it's important that you do see a doctor - even if that means having to go through your local hospital for now.


If you present at emergency they will get a doctor to review you, and can help to link you in with their community mental health team (potentially a psychiatrist). I can't say whether you'll be admitted or not, but you can only be admitted against your will if you're assessed as being risk to yourself or other's safety. In my experience they're less likely to admit you if you've got a good support system out of hospital - with friends & family & whoever else, & if you can demonstrate that you're able to keep yourself safe. You could also try calling the hospital and asking to speak to their community mental health team - usually you're able to refer yourself to them, and they can help link you in with outpatient supports like GPs, psychiatrists, social workers, mental health nurses etc.


Good luck!

Re: Getting help when there isnt any

Hello Frazzled,


That's really rough and I can't see why your GP would react that way.  That doesn't really seem fair, but the others have offered some great suggestions.  I hope one of them work for you, to help you and your family out.  Smiley Happy