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Hi I'm Ren I'm borrowing a friends account I'm a little too nervous to create my own but my question is this, why is it that some people are allowed to be so useless while the rest of us have to work our ass of.
I have two brothers ones 23 with depression the others 14 with very mild autism.
I have never met a more useless pair, I have been expected to coook clean and get myself ready for school since I was 11 years old and that was my expectation.
However they both get treated like ducking royalty and they lay around and spend all their time on the computer while my mother molly coddles them.
Why is it that I'm the maid the cook and the baby sitter for those two.
Does it make me a bad person to hate them both a little, to feel like they are chaining me down.
The 14 year old literally can't even get up in the morning and I get him up make him breakfast and find his clothes that he always loses every morning.
While my 23 year old brother can't be alone for a second and likes to pretend like he's such a good brother while the moron can't even get loo paper when we run out...
They both are the centre of attention, whilst I'm ignored...
I'm always expected to end patient and mature and kind and they fucking infuriate me!!!!!
How is that fair?
Why am I the one that always gets left to figure out things on my own.
... why am I not loved like they are?
... I must be a bad person..
From a little bird Ren..
Thank you for listening I would like some advice:

Re: H-hi

oh wow i thought iw as reading my own story @AStudyInHuman 

wow so much in common jsut differences in siblings!

im a full time carer for my pop and also a primary carer for my 2 younger sisters as well. so i ahve my work cut out for me. im 20 btw..

i cookk, clean, travel my pop and sisters around, take them to their hobbies as friends houses.

i feel like cinderella without a happy ending to put it simply- so that h=gives you an idea without going into to much details about me.

yep both my sisters are full of attention while  i get rarely anything and i also dont have friends either.

being 14 and 23 they should be able to get themselves ready esp the 23 yr old. they are being super lazy!

have you tried talking to them about the issues your having with them or making to them that your no longer going to do everythign for them and they need to start doing thingd for themselves?


i find threatening them to come in with a jug of ice cold water usually gets them up lol maybe you could try that trick and if they dont go for it start by taking a jug of water int here and i bet they change their mind \


have you thought about maybe making a chores calander up and evenly distrubute the chores out between the family?

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: H-hi

Did I mention ... sometimes I even don't eat breakfast because I have to get his royal stupidness up? Cause he is so useless he can't even do anything without my help, people have baby-Ed him so much he doesn't even know how to make food when he is hungry. Then he makes me late and I rush to school with a piece of bread in my hands. He is also rude and ungrateful, I'm so done ... so done and tired. Then my mum acts like I'm lazy... I'm just so tired of being depended on all the time, not to mention my depressed older brothers outbursts that ruin my studying... I hate this.

Re: H-hi

I have they don't want to they make some sort of excuse and I'm the maid again.. I also don't have any friends because most days I have to rush home to look after the 14 year old because my mum doesn't trust him to be by himself whilst at 11 years old I was baby sitting him and cooking for him.

Re: H-hi

I'm 19 btw and on top of all this I'm juggling university, while my stupid older brother treats me like an idiot and is insistent that I get a job calling me lazy stupid and dumb.

Re: H-hi

Hey @AStudyInHuman that is such an intense load and a lot of responsibility falling on your shoulders. It's like the bad behaviour is constantly rewarded huh? 


Have you had a chat to a counsellor, or any of the services such as KHL [click here]? They're free and you can chat to them about anything you like, you can also do so anonymously (don't have to provide your name etc).



Re: H-hi

Hey Ren/ @AStudyInHuman it sounds like you've got a lot on your plate right now and I can totally see how that situation would leave you frustrated. Thanks for sharing it with us. 

Like @Bree-RO I'm wondering if you've spoken to KidsHelpLine or any other support service?

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