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HELPPPPP (possible TW)

Ok so this post might be a bit too open so if you don't like to read that stuff please don't read on. But I need to involve the gory details for the story to make sense. 


Ok so about 2 months ago I lost my virginity and it was going well but after a bit he decided he wanted me to feel what it was like without a condom so I was like hmm yea ok just for a bit tho and then after like 4 seconds I pulled out cause ya know that aint safe. Anyway about a week later I got my period and was like yea sweet but now its been 63 days since then and I haven't had another period. Mine aren't regular so it's hard to tell sometimes and I don't eat regularly either so I'm not sure if that has caused them to stop but yeah. I'm really scared and confused, I could go buy a test but I'm so scared because if it says positive it all will become real and I honestly can't live with myself if its real. My mum said if I ever got pregnant she would disown me and I am certain that if I was and I told her she wouldn't change her mind. I've told my best friend I'm late but we are both fooling ourselves saying we don't think I am but yeah omg I'm so scared because if I'm pregnant I have no clue what to do I'm way too young to have it so sorry if anyone has any negative fews about abortion but yeah thats a lot of money and I don't know how to discreetly take lots of money out of my account.


Anyone got any advice?



Re: HELPPPPP (possible TW)

Hey there @hmm789, it's really great you have opened up about this it's totally okay to have concerns, please know you are not alone Heart 


RO cannot assist with medical advice or the ins and outs of pregnancy due to our community guidelines, however I would definitely recommend finding a bulk-bill GP and going in for a chat as a first port of call. It should cost you nothing and the GP has a duty of care to adhere to around confidentiality. They can also chat to you about options around finances. Alternatively the team at CBC [click here]  in Queensland could be a good crew to ring for a chat. They support young women freely making their own reproductive & sexual health choices, they also have financial aid programs. 


How are you feeling this morning?

Re: HELPPPPP (possible TW)

Thankyou for your advice I will look into that, @Bree-RO 


I'm really stressed about assignments and tests all due so soon but other than that everything is pretty good. I self harmed a week and a half ago but not since then so YAY! I just feel so tired all the time and everything takes so much effort but I'm managing myself ok Smiley Happy

Re: HELPPPPP (possible TW)

Well done on a week and a half no SH that is incredible @hmm789 Smiley Very Happy  Assignments can be super stressful, do you use any of the meditation apps in between studies? Heart

Re: HELPPPPP (possible TW)

Hey @hmm789 

That does sound pretty scary. Id suggest speaking to someone if possible. At my gp practice i have a nurse that i can see for womens health-perhaps theres something like that near you too. 



Well done  for not self harming. Thats a great achievement! 

Studying can be so stressful cant it. Remember  to take breaks and break things down if you need to. 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: HELPPPPP (possible TW)

I downloaded them but I'm yet to use them @Bree-RO.


I don't really like meditation but I have done yoga which was fun, connecting your mind and body to be healthy Smiley Happy 


I like an app that plays rain and creek sounds which I find calming and I often use that while I'm studying. 

Re: HELPPPPP (possible TW)

Yea, I've told my friend and I'm going to buy a test in the next few days when I can. @scared01

Re: HELPPPPP (possible TW)

@hmm789 I think it's great that you downloaded them, let us know what you think about them once you've tried them Smiley Happy

The rain and creek sounds, sound like they would calming <3

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart