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Re: Hello

Hi @Tiny_leaf,
Yes, thank you Smiley Happy

If anyone here actually saw me, they will call me ugly, or avoid me. I don't have anything positive. I am ugly, fat, stupid and trash.

Re: Hello

@HelloHi I'd hope if we met irl everyone here would be a lot nicer than that!!

When people treat you like that, it's not because there's anything wrong with you. It's because they're just.. not very nice people.

Re: Hello

@HelloHi Okay, I've tagged you. You should see it in your notifications. Smiley Happy

Re: Hello

Hi @HelloHi (I feel like I just said hi 3 times to you there hehe I love your username Smiley Tongue)

Tiny_leaf and letsheal have shown you such awesome support but I just thought I'd step in to say I'm here to talk too!

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I've had similar experiences of feeling bad about how I look Smiley Sad It's such a common thing and it's really really sad that it is. It's so sad when people treat you like you're invisible and don't have any feelings, and it can be so so damaging. I don't know if this is how you'd describe your experience but it sounds like you're in such an isolating place at the moment and I'm so sorry Smiley Sad No one should have to feel like they don't belong. Everyone matters and has something to offer the world.

It sounds like you're a really kind and caring person from the concern you show to your grandma and openness to everyone on the forums, so I'd say that's a huge positive!

You call yourself all these horrible things but I wonder why you do this? You certainly don't deserve it.. No one deserves being called those things. Not one person on this world. So why are you calling yourself this? Is it in anyway helpful? Does it protect you from feeling hope that people might care? These labels- they aren't 'truths'. They're just thoughts. What do you think?

People who say or think these mean things- they aren't really targeted at you, they come from people's own insecurities, upbringing, and prejudice. There are always going to be people with unfair views in the world, but it's your choice whether you care about their opinions.. Because there are also people who care and will value you for who you are

Sorry if this sounded a bit too motivational hehe..

Re: Hello

Helllo @HelloHi, thanks for sharing with us. It is great to see the amount of support that has been provided to you so far Heart I thought I might just pop in and add that it is okay to not feel ready. It is completely your choice around when you need to see a professional, and if you think you need a bit more time to make the next step, then feel free to give yourself more time. You will find that the support will be more helpful for you when you are feeling comfortable and ready to receive it. Hopefully you will feel a bit more comfortable and ready soon!

Re: Hello

But the reason why people treat me that way because I deserve it. I get anxious talking to people, I am ugly, fat, boring, dumb and can't keep a conversation going.

But thanks @Tiny_leaf

Re: Hello

Hi @lost_Space_Explorer5,
Please don't apologise. I appreciate your help. Smiley Happy

I don't think i matter and have something to offer the world, I am useless.
I can't be kind to myself, because I know I am not good enough. That's why I believe those people. I have been feeling this way before others started to judge me. My own friends and family don't like me. I actually don't have any friends, because they avoid me too. Everyone hates me and have a problem with me, I do too.
Sorry if I sound so pessimistic, boring, annoying or demanding.

Re: Hello

Hi @Sophia-RO
Thank you for your support and kind words. Smiley Happy

Re: Hello

@HelloHi I'd be anxious talking to people as well if they treated me like that...

I don't think you deserve it.

Anyway, I think you seem very nice. 


Do you think it would be good to make friends on here?

Re: Hello

Hi @Tiny_leaf Smiley Happy

It would be good to make friends on here, as I wouldn't have to directly talk to people as it makes me anxious. Maybe I might feel less alone.