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Re: Hello

Hey @HelloHi (Hey, hello, hi! Smiley Tongue), it's okay Smiley Sad It's understandable you would think that way but that doesn't mean it's right Smiley Sad I'm still wondering how does beating yourself up help fix your feeling that you "aren't good enough"? What would good enough look like?

I'm sorry you feel your family doesn't care and your friends avoid you. I wonder what's been going on to make you think that way?

Tiny leaf made a great suggestion, this is such a supportive environment and it would be great to make some friends here!! What do you think would facilitate making friends on here? (e.g. asking questions, playing games, sharing about yourself, talking through things, etc.?)

Re: Hello

Lol, hey, hello, hi. Smiley Happy

I don't know if beating myself helps me. It reminds me to not enjoy things, to not be positive and to not give myself hope, which is good and I think helpful as it makes me aware of what a trash person I am. I deserve to blame or criticize myself, with all the mistakes I have made, with the way I am and other stuff.

My parents hardly spend time with me. They always yell whenever they do. I mostly stay home all day (even before Covid-19) and because of that people find me boring and 'anti-social'. My parents relationship with each other is pretty weak and due to this they hardly spend time with me or take me places. My friends scoff at that and they make their plans of going places right in front of my face, knowing that my parents are also over-protective and won't let me go anywhere. I have one friend who doesn't do that as much, but she has other friends and we aren't that close.

Sorry, I don't know what will facilitate making friends. Sorry

I hope you are doing well.
Sorry for my rant.

Re: Hello

Hey, hello, hi Smiley Tongue

Hmmm it sounds like a bit of negative circular logic there.. "I'm telling myself I'm 'X' to remind myself what an 'X' person I am".. What do you think? Do you think there's a way we could work to break this cycle? The easiest approach might be to start with the thoughts, not so much the core believe that "I'm an 'X' person"? Have you ever tried thought challenging before?

Smiley Sad I'm sorry to hear your family is yelling at you.. Yup I've definitely been called anti-social and boring sooo many times haha, did someone say that to you? Your friends don't sound very supportive with excluding you. Although, it seems to be due to your parents being overprotective, and not because of you as a person.

That's okay! Hmm.. It could be just asking someone on here a question, like "what are your hobbies?" What do you think? Btw, what ARE your hobbies? Smiley Tongue

I'm doing okay, thanks Smiley Happy

Your rant is most welcome on the forums! It's what they're for Smiley Tongue

Re: Hello

Hi @lost_Space_Explorer5,
I don't think I will ever be able to break that cycle.
I was bullied many times in my life.

I am just sick of my life. I have no one to talk to, no friends and my family aren't supportive.

I am really sorry you have been called anti-social and boring too. I don't think you are any of that.

I used to like to play basketball, but now I just can't be bothered playing. There is no motivation anymore. Yep, I know I am boring.

But what are your hobbies?

Thank you for your kindness, it is deeply appreciated. Smiley Happy

Re: Hello

Hey @HelloHi , I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling like that - often if we're a bit depressed, we can lose our enjoyment for the stuff we used to love, and it doesn't mean that you're boring. Is there anything that gives you joy at the moment? There's a lot of lovely, welcoming people here who are around for a chat Smiley Happy


Check out our community activities calendar for November 2020 here

Re: Hello

Hi @Janine-RO,
I don't think there is anything that will give me joy.
To be honest I am tired and I don't really want to try anymore.

But thank you for your compassion and kindness. Smiley Happy
I will look at the activities calendar. Smiley Happy

Re: Hello

@HelloHi well you have the forums now.


It doesn't sound like you're boring. Just tired. And having people around you acting like that and thinking all those horrible things about yourself sounds pretty tiring.

I'm tired too, and it does mean that my life is pretty uneventful. But sometimes that's okay. Sometimes you need time to rest.

Because when people are too tired to do exciting stuff, often it means that there's a lot going on in the background.



Oh you used to play basketball?

I used to do netball, even though I was bad at catching, and throwing, and running. I have no idea how I managed Smiley Tongue

Re: Hello

Hi @Tiny_leaf
Thank you for your kind words.
I guess you are right about life being uneventful and that being ok. Smiley Happy

I really sorry that you are tired too.

Netball is fun. I bet you were amazing at netball!

Re: Hello

Hey hello hi!

I'm sorry to hear you were bullied Smiley Sad That freaking sucks. You've got us to talk to! What do you think about reaching out to some professional supports (unless you're seeing one anyway, sorry if you've already said this)?

I used to do beginners ice skating and play piano but since covid I haven't been bothered going back. Now all I do is draw, go for walks, and watch tv Smiley Sad It's uni holidays at so I've been really bored Smiley Sad So I can relate to feeling boring atm

Re: Hello

Hi @lost_Space_Explorer5,

Thank you for being here for me.

The bullying did impact the amount I felt safe to take to people.
I don't think I am ready or comfortable to reach out for professional support.

WOW! Ice skating and playing the piano sounds awesome! I am glad that you are trying to keep yourself occupied, with drawing, walking and watching tv, that is great.

What course are you doing in uni? (you don't have to answer that)

I hope you are doing well. Smiley Happy