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Help becoming very volitale

Hi gang,


It little ole me again.....Lately I have been extremely volitle, blowing my stack and swearing my head or bellowing my head off swinging me arms here and there......Been seeing case manger, what do I do????


Re: Help becoming very volitale

Hi Snuffles,
Absolutely keep seeing your case manager and keep talking how you're feeling through with them.
Also keep on coming here and chatting with us if it helps.

Re: Help becoming very volitale

Hey snuffles,

Sometimes we all get a bit "cranky" but it's important that we talk to someone about how we are feeling - which you seem to be doing - so well done! Smiley Happy

Make sure you take some deep breaths when you feel yourself getting volatile.

MM. Smiley Happy

Re: Help becoming very volitale

Hello Gang........I am finding I explode more when little issue over little thing like trams late, a mishape, for example spliing my drink over the table, other people in street.....I find  myself yelling and swearing and gettin really aggressive to a point that I can not leave the house without me mate with me, as he often has to hold it back........It getting worse that I can no longer hold my anger back to the point I have blurted out loud about hurting or killing somone!!!!! I see cas e manager tommroww , I am going fighting mad , Help!!!!

Re: Help becoming very volitale

Hey Snuffles

It seems like you can pick up when you are about to get angry so knowing that and if u feel you are about to get angry or explode, try doing something else like listening to music, taking deep breaths, walking away, exercising?

I don't know if this will help you but it usually helps me when I can sense a bit of anger coming out.
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Help becoming very volitale

I like yelling into my pillow once in a while. Randomly. Whenever. Especially when I'm stressed. Helps to clear things.

Great that you're seeing your case manager. Smiley Happy

Re: Help becoming very volitale

Hey snuffles - how have things been going since Wednesday? Did you see your Case Manager.

Here's an article on Positive Coping Strategies that might help:

There's quite a few good ones on anger that might have a gem or two in them for you. Keep us posted matey Smiley Happy

Re: Help becoming very volitale

Hey Snuffles, how are you tracking? Did you get to see your case manager and did the article Ally posted above help?

Re: Help becoming very volitale

Hello Benny,


My caseworker cancelled out........not now I gotta pick my feet up by myself.......Nothing new to me coping myself. Been there done that, less then fun. I fear going out of the house alone as I might get into a fight or argument with someone. As I am often very hot headed.


Me I think enforced isolation is the key for now until I get to talk to them!