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Hey..hows it going? I'd appreciate it if you...hear me out you know?

So uh...I'm gonna tell you a bit about myself before i you know ask my yeah..thnx for listening.


Im 17 now graduating in October im the first in my family to even graduate from yr 12 so none of them ..probably realise these feelings im having..or they just dont care.

I plan on going straight to university when i do... and im going through the whole stage of realising im..gonna leave my home..probably never come back ..apparently i turned a number and im an adult, kinda feels like im getting dumped into a whole new kinda scarred..its really strange.

My goal is to be an actress,..and not for the whole..stupid fame thing..but because i love acting.. and me going to uni (where im gonna be training) is kinda a sign that now u gotta do it..u put it off all these years ..and now u gotta go out their..give it ur all..follow ur dreamz without any doubts  and yeah ..right now im really confused...and theirs all these complicated feelings....its kinda terrifying.

Also my family's kinda really messed up..and they find it easy to blame it on me most of the im kinda relieved that i wont be seeing them much in fact Im actually starting to dislike them a the point where i feel great i dont have to to have to deal with their problems all the time..which is completely contradictory to how i also feel about missing them.. im gonna ..really really miss them even if their messed up..and im kinda all over the place.

You know you think school goes on forever ...but in a way its an exscuse to keep things the same...and i wont have that anymore, i have scratched teeth bite and clawing to get myself to finish yr 12 regardless of what happens at home...and when times got tough i kept telling myself when u turn 18 u will never have to deal with this ...but now around that age and im leaving ..and its kinda surreal .. and i just dont know anymore...

And i dont wanna live with my mum untill im like 50

in Uni im gonna live on campus so yeah ... here's my question now that iv'e told you my life story.

How do you deal with leaving everything you've ever known behind to chase some uncertain dream? How do you deal with...losing everything you've ever known and had?

Oh by the way if you have some stories about leaving highschool..that would be cool to hear too .. feel free to share.


Re: Hey..hows it going? I'd appreciate it if you...hear me out you know?

Hey @BottleCap


Welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy


It's wonderful hear that you're really passionate about acting!


You're absolutely right - it can be terrifying to leave so many parts of your life behind to pursue a dream that you're not entirely certain of. I can also relate to feeling dumped into a whole new world after high school. I know that when I finished, all of a sudden a number of new responsibilities hit me - I had to find a job, work on building my career, and begin my university life even though i wasn't sure if I would even enjoy my course and want to work in that field forever. 


It can be quite overwhelming, but I think that you won't necessarily be leaving and losing everything you've ever known. You will still have your friends and family, you just won't be with them as often if you do decide to move out. If you decide not to see them again, that is a different story, but it's entirely up to you how that plays out. Furthermore, while you will lose some things, you'll also gain amazing experiences, enjoy your new independence, meet new people, and find yourself in a whole new world to explore. 


As for chasing an uncertain dream - I think it can be scary, exhilarating and incredibly rewarding. I can't think of anything greater than chasing a dream that you're really passionate about. There is always the possibility that things don't work out as planned, but I think that's part of the excitement of the journey. 


Feel free to stick around the forums and keep us updated on how you go Smiley Happy


Re: Hey..hows it going? I'd appreciate it if you...hear me out you know?

Hey @BottleCap and welcome to ReachOut.

It can be really difficult to leave everything you've known behind, absolutely terrifying. I finished high school last year and I had no idea what I wanted to do. With the assistance from my mum, I'd applied to courses in university but I'm terrified of driving and public transport in Australia isn't all that great.
Excluding my close family, siblings and parents, I also feel estranged from them. I've had a dislike growing for a few years but you still miss them, I get that feeling. Because they are family, some people don't have the same problem but even though you are happy to be away from them, because they are family, you'll miss them for that connection you have with them.
You don't have to worry about losing them, leaving to go to university, to live on campus, that's a personal choice for you. If they want to leave you for that, then that is their (rather silly) opinion. They'll be there, even if it's not with you or you don't see them often, or at all, they are still there.

Re: Hey..hows it going? I'd appreciate it if you...hear me out you know?

Hi, it is daunting to leave everything you know for an entirely new life but it is soooo worthwhile. You will learn so much more - about acting, about people, and about yourself! It shows a lot of bravery and strength and is enriching to your life to go through the tough times where you may be uncertain for a while but you'll make it work. I'm not saying everything will always be easy because it wont. It will be hard, you will miss your family and you will probably cry. However all the new things out there will far outweigh what you miss. Plus you can always go home and visit but after a while you'll want to visit home less often and eventually you will be glad to get back to your own life and routines.


About me - I used to live in a small country town and moved to a major city for university. I had to learn public transport, meet people that i didnt know, find where everything is, as well as say goodbye to everyone from home and not have my family around anymore. I really believe it has strengthened me as a person. Even at my work recently I had to do a 10 week course with all entirerly new people but it didnt even worry me becuase I look forward to the change and the new things I'll learn and new people I'll meet.


All the best to you, I really think you will be ok. A random extra tip: I would say start good habits now while you are young e.g. drink lots of water, exercise daily, dont eat junk as it will be much easier now than breaking bad habits of years.