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Hi Everyone


I'm reaching out today.


I have suffered depression and anxiety for a very long. I became addicted to drugs. My addiction has lasted 4 years - 6months of heavy drug use and the rest of those years I've been trapped in a cycle of getting off and staying off for 6 months then falling down for about 2-3 months.  So many intense bad things happened in the last 4 years aswell I feel I haven't been able to focus on myself.  That cycle ended last year. 

My low self-esteem has kept me around some bad people that only wish to hurt my feelings and unfortunately my family, although they care, are not the best people for emotional support going through this and I'm made to feel like burden. 


I've made the decision to change. I''ve realised my issues and low self-esteem keep me around bad friends and participating in self-destructive activities only hurts myself. I want a healthy, happy and successful future for myself. 


I've already made positive changes

- I'm seeing a psychologist and seeking out other people to talk to

- no bad friends but unfortunately I'm quite lonely and very anxious to make new friends. 

- I've enrolled at university and looking forward to getting some knowledge. 


The destruction I created in my past is hard to deal with along with depression and anxiety. I'm looking to change my life and looking for positive people to talk to and reach out for support. 


Re: Hi Everyone

Hi @Kristy21, welcome to the RO forums!


Thank you for sharing your story with us. I think it takes a lot of strength to reach out, especially after having a really tough time over the past four years. That's wonderful to hear that you ended the cycle last year, and that you are starting to engage in some really positive changes! I think that's AWESOME! Again, it really does take a lot of strength to make the decision to change, and we are all hear to listen and support you through it. Smiley Happy


You mentioned that you have been feeling lonely and would like to make some new friends. Enrolling in university is a great way to gain knowledge, but also meet new people! I'm wondering whether this factsheet might have some useful ideas about meeting new people?


Universities usually run O-week ("orientation week") activities and events to promote student-run clubs and societies. These are based on anything from from study support to interests like sport, Harry Potter, charity work, photography (and anything in between... the list is endless!) and joining one or more is often a great way to make new friends. Would this be something that you think you might be interested in checking out?


I also found this factsheet about building upon coping skills that you might find useful, too. Keep in touch and let us know how you're doing - we're all here to support you on the RO forums!


Re: Hi Everyone

Hey Kristy,


It's great to see that you were able to identify the issues that you mentioned in your post. On top of that, it's even better that you've not only seeked out solutions, but gone and implemented some positive changes to your life. Putting yourself into a different environment requires a lot of courage, everyone's brain is a little hard-wired to fear change (even if we know it will be good for us). Just remember that it's not the past that defines us, it's what your intentions are, or what you aspire to become in the future. You may call your past a "destruction" that you've created, but I think it's a massive learning experience that you've lived through. Making mistakes early on means you know how to do things better earlier than those that haven't (something I'm personally trying to apply to myself).


Specifically to your case, I can tell you that university is a great place to make friends. I've found that people there are generally open to meeting new people, as you're placed into so many different classes or assignment groups. There may also be plenty of societies or groups focused on a particular topic designed to bring people together. I recommend you bring an open mind and take full advantage of your time there, really make the effort to get involved (something I wish I did more). 


To finish off, never sell yourself short. The person you are and the knowlege you've gained from your past (and soon your future) could very well make you the "positive person" that someone else may reach out to.


All the best! Smiley Wink


Re: Hi Everyone



Thanks for replying. You've challenged my negative view of the past. It is a massive learning experience. And that was really good advice about not selling yourself short. Something I'll keep in mind. 




Re: Hi Everyone

Hi, Thanks for the reply, will definitely check out those fact sheets.

Re: Hi Everyone

Hi @Kristy21,


Welcome to ReachOut!


Congratulations on all the positive changes you have effected. *high five* Making a decision to change and step away from negative environments is no easy feat. Going on to enrol in university and put yourself in challenging new environments is simply brilliant and you are right to be proud of this. Go you!


I do hope we will see more of your positive approach around the forums and welcome you to introduce yourself over here.