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Hitting rock bottom


For the past 10 years I have abused ice which has led to losing lots off money, That I could deal with but about 4 years ago I met a girl a non drug user who made me happy we had plans and went on great holidays and lived together

About 1 year into the relationship I relapsed after being off it for ages I promised it wouldn't happen again but it did and this went on for the next few years I was so caught up in this I didn't see it was crushing her watching me slowly spiral 

We are friends now and I still have strong feelings for her and she does for me I must get myself better for me and above all my future which I don't feel I will have without her.


Re: Hitting rock bottom

Hi @Bennys1 Smiley Happy


that sounds so hard and painful, and I don't fully know what to say, but I'm so sorry you're going through this. Thanks for sharing it with us.


It's really beautiful and powerful your determination to get yourself better, and you really deserve to have a wonderful future. I'm glad you and that girl are still friends, it's lovely how much you care about each other.


It's amazing that you were able to stop using for so long! Do you know what helped during that time?


Do you have any supports you can lean on? You're very welcome to keep posting here and we'll do our best to support you. Do you have a GP/ have you discussed this with them? They'd probably have some advice and other services they can link you in with to help you get through this.


Good luck, we're here for you Heart


Re: Hitting rock bottom

Hi @Bennys1  welcome to the forums.


Thanks for opening up about  something that has been having a big impact on you, that's never an easy thing to do. The fact that you are talking about wanting to change and noticing how using drugs is affecting your life, is such a positive step.


It must be hard not having your girlfriend, but it is good that you are both still in each other lives. The fact that you were able to stop using drugs before shows that you have what it takes to do it!


Similar to what @hellofriend has suggested, do you have a support network that can help you get in contact with the right services ? 



Re: Hitting rock bottom

Welcome to the forums @Bennys1 I'm so glad you come across our community in your time of need. 


Recovering from addiction/relapses is definitely hard work - but totally possible with the right support. I'm sorry to hear that your addiction has impacted your relationships, that must be really painful for you. What is really promising is that you want change in your life and that you have reasons to get better Heart 


You might like to check out an organisation called Turning Point - they work in the drug and alcohol addiction space and would be able to provide more specialised advice for you. 


We are also here to listen to you Heart 


Re: Hitting rock bottom

Hi @Bennys1! Welcome to the forums!

Wow, ten years seems like such a long time. I think it's really brave of you to share your story on here. Addictions can be so hard to get rid of, especially if you've been using a substance for so long. But wanting to get better is an amazing first step. That can often be the hardest part of the journey. Heart

Relapses can be super common, but the fact that you managed to stay clean for so long is a great achievement. You can definitely do it again. Heart Do you think that there were any factors that might have contributed to the relapse?
It might help to see relapses as a learning opportunity, a temporary setback or hiccup.
Some people keep a card with them with their reasons to stay sober, emergency contact numbers such as ADIS, Lifeline and friends, and actions they can take such as distraction, deep breathing, drinking water or doing something else instead.

I think it's great that you and this girl still care about each other and are still involved in each other's lives. Having supportive people around you can really help you access services and make positive changes. Would she be interested in checking out support services with you?