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So I never thought I would be the person to post about feeling homesick, I mean I'm never overly happy at home so why would I miss it?... But I am currently over in the UK and what was meant to be a 3 week stay has turned into 3 months. And although I am having an awesome time over here and I am learning so much from being here (I'm training and working so not really holidays), I just sort of wish I was at home. 


So does anyone have any suggestions to help feeling homesick?

Re: Homesick?

My advice probably isn't very helpful, chances are you already do this. But if you're missing them you should call them or send a message, keep in touch with the people you care about Smiley Happy and, although you're enjoying your time in the UK, hopefully you'll be able to come back soon and see everyone again. 

Re: Homesick?

Three months is a long time to be away from home so I think it's quite understandable that you're feeling homesick. In fact, people can feel homesick with even one or two nights away from home.

I think Magga's suggestion is a good one in calling or messaging the people that are back at home. And while in the UK make sure you look after yourself- surround yourself with good supports and people who help make you feel less homesick.

Re: Homesick?

Thanks guys, I am trying to keep in contact with everyone back home as much as possible. And I took a day off today to just sit back and relax and catch up on everything that is happening back home. So I'm feeling a little bit better Smiley Happy

Re: Homesick?

Great to see you're feeling a bit better, awkwardturtle. Smiley Happy

Homesickness is an interesting feeling, isn't it?

Is homesickness just missing your friends and family? Or is it something else?

For me, since I have a new "home" every six months, I find my homesickness went away when I made new friends or spent time developing friendships.
It doesn't mean I value the friendships I have far away any less than the ones in my vicinity, but whatever is missing seems to feel returned.

I miss my friends in Brisbane a lot and I miss my friends in Hong Kong even more… but I'm making new friends in Vancouver and so I don't feel so bad anymore.

What do others think of the idea that keeping in touch with people you miss only makes you miss them more?

Re: Homesick?

Hi awkwardturtle,


I'm living away from home at the moment too and sometimes I miss it heaps cause it's where I grew up for 18 years. 


You could try Skyping your family and friends. Or randomly post a letter and/or gift to someone special at home. It'll put a huge smile on their face. It doesn't have to be someone's birthday or anything. Anyone would enjoy a random present.


Have you tried keeping a journal of your adventures with lots of photos so that when you do return you have lots of stories to share? Or create a playlist of songs that reflects how you're doing.


Hope some of that helps and enjoy your time in the UK!