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Re: How did you tell your family/friends you're 'not straight'?

My mum actually got all weird and suspicious on me today and asked me if there's more than just a friendship between this girl and I. I tried to lie and then she gave 'the look', the im-not-stupid-look and I caved and said I didn't know how to tell her, i thought she'd be mad, i thought she'd be weird about it.

she said she's dissapointed because she grew up in a different time and hasn't ever had to adapt to this kind of thing for any reason (as in, no one in my family is out as 'not straight' except my cousin who no one ever sees anyway)

Mum asked me if I'm gay, I said no (my evidence for this because mum needed convincing, is that I was in a relationship with a guy for nearly 4 years), I didn't specifically say I'm Bi, but we'll get there one day. She asked me if I'm confused or if I'm just trying to work myself out.

I told her I'm happy, that this person makes me happy, that I like spending time with her and that this is me working out who I am, I'm in the middle of it.

Afterwards, mum told me she loves me and that she wishes I could tell her anything, but that she understands why it was uncomfortable.


I am a little dissapointed that I didn't get to say it on my terms, in my time, but overall it's a weight lifted to know it's been said, and I can stop being so weird about it when her name comes up in conversation or when I spend time with her.

Next thing to do is mention that mum knows now, but I think everything will be fine <3

Re: How did you tell your family/friends you're 'not straight'?

Hi @That_Beef96, I like the way that you explained everything to your Mum. Do you feel as though your Mum was understanding about the whole thing? I know you mentioned previously that you were worried about talking to her about it. It sounds like she cares about you and can recognise that it was uncomfortable for you (as it is for a lot of people!). I imagine you must feel a sense of relief even though you didn't get to initiate the conversation yourself Smiley Happy

Re: How did you tell your family/friends you're 'not straight'?

Hey @That_Beef96, I'm happy to hear things worked out in the end with your mum, it sounds like it was a bit of a wild ride! It seems she is trying to put your happiness and your relationship with her first which is nice Smiley Happy How have things been with your life otherwise?

Re: How did you tell your family/friends you're 'not straight'?

@StormySeas17  @Taylor-RO 

Hey thanks! Things around that topic are doing just fine now, which is good, it feels I've had ten tonne taken off my chest and I've already noticed a really positive difference in my general mood.

Of course there are other things in life to be worked on, but I now feel so much more free to focus on those things a little more.

I thin mum really trying to be fully understanding of the whole thing, and so far her apparent disappointment hasn't shown through since our conversation, I mean it's only been a couple of days but so far so good.


Thank you both and everyone else whose been so supportive and helpful with your stories and advice, this has helped me so much to wrap my head around the idea that this could go well.


How are you guys going with your situations? 

Re: How did you tell your family/friends you're 'not straight'?

Hey @That_Beef96! I'm so happy to hear that your overall mood has been better! You certainly don't realise how much something weighs you down until it's cleared up. Are you back at school again? 


Yeah not bad! I'm at uni at the moment so I've been trying to get my life together before I get inundated with study next week Smiley LOL