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How do you replace a best friend?

Why do we change so much in life. I have changed so much in the past year I almost dont know who I am anymore. And it scares me. I feel lost and like I don't know where to put my feet on the ground which is new for me as Iv always been a grounded, stable sought of person.. me and my best friend don't talk anymore and I really feel a void in my life. I dont know what to do to make them see I am no threat to them, That i only love them and want the best for them.

Re: How do you replace a best friend?

Can I ask why you don't talk anymore?

Re: How do you replace a best friend?

Hey @_daisy and thank you for posting on ReachOut!

I get the sense that you and your best friend are quite distant, but you'd like to change that, am I right? If so, could you maybe write them a letter explaining how you feel?

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Re: How do you replace a best friend?

It's true @_daisy, change can be a bit of a hard thing sometimes. What do you think might have triggered this change?
I can completely relate to what happened to you and your best friend. The same thing happened to me. Have you tried to reach out to them? Sometimes we need to confront the situation to better understand it.
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