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How to start up a difficult conversation (take 2)

This is something I'm really struggling with and need advice with ASAP Smiley Sad

I've been really struggling with the guy I love leaving school. It's been affecting my sleeping and study patterns and making me feel really depressed. I spoke about it in another form one thing I didn't mention are some "intrusive daydreams" I've been having where he is seriously injured or even killed, these "daydreams" are quite distressing and can even cause panic attacks. Some people from the previous form, plus a counsellor from kids helpline suggested I speak to him about but I'm not sure how? I really don't want to lose his friendship... Please help

Re: How to start up a difficult conversation (take 2)

Hi @KjStormy, I'm sorry you have been feeling so low and struggling with these feelings for so long. There were some really great follow up suggestions in your original thread but my concern is your health and that you speak to someone about your lack of sleep. Have you spoken to your GP yet?

With the panic attacks you mentioned, have you spoken to someone about these before and gained some tips to manage? ReachOut has an article on strategies for anxiety that may help you.

Do take care of yourself, your well-being is a priority for us.

Re: How to start up a difficult conversation (take 2)

Hi @Kit yes I have seen my doctor about the physical issues, and I'm currently on a mental health plan

Re: How to start up a difficult conversation (take 2)

Hey @KjStormy

How are you feeling today?
I think its important to speak with the guy you love about him leaving. If you still want to hold on to your friendship, is there a way where you can still communicate and hang out even if he isn't at your school? It sounds like you are really worried of losing him and that is really affecting you. Maybe having a conversation with him might help? or writing a letter if you feel uncomfortable talking face to face? Is that an option for you?
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: How to start up a difficult conversation (take 2)

Hi @ruenhonx yes we still talk via text, I think I want to talk to him about it and I'm planning to, I'm just really nervous about it

Re: How to start up a difficult conversation (take 2)

That's understandable @KjStormy, he is an important person in your life and opening up and sharing those feelings can be quite daunting! Is there anyone you can have a practice conversation with, even if it's just a pet? That can help calm the nerves for the actual conversation.

Re: How to start up a difficult conversation (take 2)

hey @KjStormy


sorry to hear that you've been struggling with these feelings. I can totally understand that you'd feel nervous about it. I think ElleBelle's suggestion to have a practice conversation with someone might really help. Otherwise, maybe you could try writing down everything you need to say to him to help you feel more prepared and less nervous.


Feel free to let us know how you go Smiley Happy