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Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

@anonymousgirl101 Sounds like an experience for you. As mentioned above, try not to get too annoyed at yourself because you didn't react the way you thought you would have.

You could interpret it as being resilient and having the courage not to get worked up over a near miss. Of course it can be a daunting situation to be in. I have countless funny and silly stories from my L-plate days.

One time I was trying to do a right hand turn into my street from a busy street, it was dusk, and fairly quiet, and I had the car in 3rd gear and wondered why I kept stalling the car! We had a mechanic across the road and his neighbour was a retired mechanic (who happened to be out the front garden at the time) and was approaching our car as he watched me fail to move.

I had a time where I nearly backed into a channel! I was doing country driving in my town (I'm in a rural town) as we got lost and ended up at a dead end. And I had to do a U-turn (or a several point turn) and I nearly went down the bank! I missed by maybe under a metre! And was safe. My mum was in a panic, and I was calm as ever.

I also agree with @ErinsAntics that you'd be amazed with what full licence drivers try to get away with, (and some do). One thing I do when I'm driving is have a cd in the player or I have music on a sd card in my (aftermarket) stereo. I also know exactly where the mute dial is to press when I need silence, and I can nearly skip songs without looking (from purely remembering where the skip button on the touch screen is - but my other dial can change songs too which I never use).

I also remember doing a program in year 11 where they showed us just how quick it takes to stop at any speed. And showed up how far we actually travel at different speeds over a few seconds. Which was a huge help in avoiding the phone. There are also a lot of campaigns out there about safe, driving, so if you're worried and would like to help better cement it maybe look a couple up on youtube.

I hope this helps, (and that I haven't rambled too much Smiley Tongue)

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Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

Thanks @letitgo , I am currently getting lessons from a driving instructor so hopefully I can get a bit more confident on the road before getting my license, I have a lot of presures on me though, as I work a job that my parents are putting pressures on me to get a drivers license so they don’t have to drive me all the time, and also I have a trip planned later this year with a friend that requires me to have my P’s by then, so I hope everything turns out 😩

Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

Hey @ElleBelle , Atleast you didn’t get hurt! Glad to hear you overcame that obsticle in the end Smiley Happy I’ll keep in mind that story if I make any more mistakes.

Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

Thanks @ErinsAntics , that story makes me feel a bit better Smiley Happy I hope even if I make some mistakes I’ll learn lots from it and become a much safer driver because of it.

Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

Thanks @Bee , that comment made me feel a lot better about the situation Smiley Happy I’de like to think I was being strong about it and choosing to not let it get to me, for the last couple of weeks I have been keeping my eyes on the road at all times!

Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

@anonymousgirl101 you're right on the money there! Mistakes can be a good thing if we take them as a learning opportunity. Learning to drive is really hard but with perseverance you'll get there eventually, especially if you've got a good driving instructor to help you out (there's no way I would've passed my test without mine Smiley Tongue )

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Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

@anonymousgirl101 I'm glad my post helped you feel better Smiley Happy
I'm glad to hear you've been keeping your eyes on the road - congrats Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart