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Re: I am alone

Hey @ElleBelle


Thank you for your support


I haven't been back to this social group because it isn't on till the 3rd and 4th Friday of each month. I will return just to learn more about the church and try and socialise with these people. But it a small step, i still feel very scared. I just saw my school friends and know how upset i am. When someone now ask me "How things are going" i don't know if i should say "things are good" or my life is down?


These are very earlier days 


Re: I am alone

Hi @Marcus29

You have been putting in alot effort to get yourself around people. Hopefully next week is the 3rd Friday of the month which I hope is exciting for you!

I can definately relate to that scared feeling when we have to meet new people and are trying to make "genuine" type connections. Keeping the conversations simple and trying to find something in common with whoever I am talking too is usually my starting point.


About your school friends and feeling confused on how to answer when someone asks you how things are going, I can see your point completely that it's easier to talk about the positives of our lives - but sometimes being honest in our answers can give the person we are talking too an insight into our lives and maybe be something they can relate too as well. Does that make sense?

Re: I am alone



I don't understand you last paragraph. I don't know if i should be honest, but i am an honest person. Should i tell my friends that my life is at a troubled time or should smile and say nothing. I can't say that i'm OK but when i feel inside my body that i am really struggling with life, work and soical situations. 


Hope that makes sense


Re: I am alone

Hey @Marcus29, I guess your last sentence is what I was trying to get at. Having to say we are OK when that's not how we are, can feel very unnatural and is what makes socialising seem a bit hard at times.

Opening up and sharing is definately a skill we learn along the way in life and not something we are born with. What are people's thought on this?