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Re: I am having a hard time

Hi @Eden1717,


We really appreciate you being open and honest with us about what works and doesn't work for you. I am always so blown away by your strength, resourcefulness and self awareness when I read your posts, and the compassion you provide others Heart 


The exhaustion and frustration must be so hard, and I am hearing that you have found ways to live with these feelings and do things for you to get through each moment. You mentioned focusing on other things, would you be comfortable to explore what that looks like for you? We would be interested to hear how you cope and the things you do for you Heart


When things are feeling really hard, and there any things this community can do to support you? We are always open to hearing what you need and how we can work to support you Smiley Happy


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Re: I am having a hard time

@Jess1-RO  Mostly I just try distraction I guess but it depends on how intense things are if it is really bad I try and sleep. I am not sure if anyone on here can do anything really I guess if anything just feeling like people are listening but really there is nothing anyone can do so it is just something I have to live with, 


Re: I am having a hard time

Hi @Eden1717 


I have just been catching up on posts, you have been so real and honest with sharing what has been happening for you. It's really impressive how you are able to talk through what does and doesn't work for you. You sound so caring and thoughtful about your family and really aware. It is good to hear that you have a few techniques that you use when things get really hard, like sleeping and trying to distract yourself, I know you said that you like to binge watch Netflix, any show in particular?

Re: I am having a hard time

Not lately I have been feeling to agitated to focus enough on properly watching something. 

Re: I am having a hard time

I'm sorry you've had such a shit run with mental health professionals @Eden1717. it definitely wouldn't be an easy thing to experience over and over again and it frustrates me so much to hear you've been through all of that and still haven't found anyone decent. I really do hope that one day you find the right fit for you because you deserve to have someone on your side you can truly trust to help you get through this ❤ 


You shouldn't feel guilty for putting your family through anything. That's what families are for, they're meant to be a support system so don't be feeling guilty for a second! I know it's easier said than done, but I'm sure they want to help see you through this shitty time. 


You sound like you have a lot of strength within you though. And like I've noticed others mentioning, you are always giving out great advice to people in this community and willing to help despite what you're going through at the moment so I think you should be very proud of yourself!! Don't forget to focus on the positives too and your strong points because these bull shit voices do not define you. ❤


I hope calling them that doesn't offend you? Please let me know if it does!! I just call mine shitty names like that to take away their power, or at least try to take it away.. 


Hope you've been able to do something nice for yourself today!! 

Re: I am having a hard time

@MB95  Um I know you meant well but it did offend them..... they are not all bad and they also mean well but they just get scared sometimes and it comes out kind of bad. It is hard to explain. 


I am still having a hard time and I heard some really awful news today and it has shaken me up a bit. I just need to take some time and wrap myself up and hide for a while 

Re: I am having a hard time

No I totally get it and you don't have to explain. I'm so sorry I offended you, I promise that definately was NOT my intention and I'm really sorry ❤ I shouldn't have called them that. And realistically I probably shouldn't call mine that either because all thoughts are important whether they are good or bad. It's something I'm trying to comprehend myself and I guess the one way I'm trying is to give them shitty names. Which doesn't always work for me either so I really shouldn't have gone sharing that. I'm so sorry. I hope you're okay! 


If you feel like sharing your awful news @Eden1717 , I am here to listen and promise I'll think a little more before I say anything stupid 🙃 But otherwise, sometimes shutting yourself away and giving yourself time to process terrible news can be so self soothing. Just make sure you are being kind to yourself and reaching out when you are ready. I'm thinking of you ❤ And again, I truly am sorry that I upset you!

Re: I am having a hard time

I also really appreciate your honesty and that you let me know @Eden1717 so thankyou!! The last thing I want to be doing on here is upsetting anyone!! So please let me know if I ever do!!

Re: I am having a hard time

Hey @MB95 and @Eden1717 


I just wanted to recognise both your bravery in being able to give and receive constructive criticism. It's a real sign of maturity and you both handled it with mutual respect Heart 


I just wanted to check in with you @Eden1717 are you doing okay after the news you've received? We're here for you.  

Re: I am having a hard time

@MB95  It is ok I suppose there may have been a miscommunication as the things I was referring to are not my own thoughts and they belong to others they also are actual voices of others but it is complicated if it was my own thoughts it probably would not have been a problem. 


@Bre-RO  I am ok but still having a hard time. 


I don’t want to share the news at least not now but it has kind of shaken me a lot and it is making me feel very fragile like I feel like I am slipping out of this world more again and things keep coming up again. Everything is feeling unreal and I am trying to focus on all the stuff I have to do but I just keep getting thoughts about something that is hard to explain and I feel really unsteady.  I am trying really hard but I am not sure what to do because I feel things snowballing and I am not sure how to stop it.