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I am scared to talk to my psychologist

I am scared to talk to my psychologist about something that is going on. I am scared he wont believe me and that he will tell someone else what is going on. I am really scared about what is going to happen if i tell him the last time i told him something like this it did not end well. what should i do? should i tell him? or should i keep it to myself? 


What i might tell him:

I am psychic and there are evil spirits trying to steal my soul. there is a lot more and it is a lot more complicated than that but that is the shortest version i can give you. 

Re: I am scared to talk to my psychologist

Hey @Eden1717 well done on figuring out that you want to be open and honest with him about this. Sounds understandable to have concerns, especially if you have an experience to reflect on that didn't end well.


Would you feel comfortable first letting him know what you initially said?

"I am really scared about what is going to happen if I tell you something I want to tell you... I feel the last time I told you something like this it did not end well for me so I don't know how to move forward - what are your thoughts?"


Let me know what you think Heart

Re: I am scared to talk to my psychologist

Hey @Eden1717... Hmmm... I'm getting the sense that you're reluctant to tell the psychologist about this stuff, but I'm also hearing that it's weighing on you quite a bit. Am I right?

In that case, I would suggest telling the psychologist, being as honest with them as you can. Even if it's difficult, often honesty and open communication is what we need in order to move forward. Maybe we could talk through what it would be like to tell your psychologist, to make it a bit less scary for you?  

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: I am scared to talk to my psychologist

Hi @Eden1717, it looks like you're in a bit of a tricky situation with how to go about chatting to your psychologist. To me (and correct me if I'm wrong!), it seems like you're worried about having the trust that you feel is important to tell them how you are feeling.

As someone who has experience with seeing psychologists, I can tell you that talking to them is definitely easier said than done. I completely understand how you are feeling - sometimes it's really hard to open up and allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of a complete stranger. But what I can say is that it's one of the best things you can do to promote communication about the issues that are affecting you most.

I can't speak on behalf of your psychologist, but I can also say that a lot more of them are more open minded than you'd think! I completely understand how you'd feel concern about opening up to your psychologist, but from my experience, I definitely think that opening up that communication with them can only lead to good things down the track.

Let me know how it goes!

Re: I am scared to talk to my psychologist

@Bree-RO maybe i could let him know that but i am scared that will scare him even more about what i have to say. 

@letitgo that could be helpful talking it through maybe. also it is just kind of my whole life right now and i dont know how he is going to respond which makes me nervous. 

Re: I am scared to talk to my psychologist

Hey @Eden1717 maybe, but most likely as he is a qualified mental health professional he will take your concern seriously; it's part of his job to understand you may have anxiety about disclosing things to him. 


What do you think he will say regarding your psychic abilities? Do you have a particular scenario in mind that's causing the anxiety?

Re: I am scared to talk to my psychologist

@Bree-RO I dont know what he will say about them i am hoping he believes me to begin with but i am scared that he will just say what he said last time something similar happened. last time i tried to tell him about the spirit world he said i was psychotic i am scared he will say that again because i am not i am psychic and also my soul is an angels soul and that is why the evil one wants to steal it. it is hard to explain but i dont want him to misunderstand what is going on. 

Re: I am scared to talk to my psychologist

@Eden1717 I am hearing you, it sounds like there's a bit of a clash between what you believe to be the truth and your psychologist's views... Do you sort of feel like he is dismissing the whole experience for you or not listening to the full extent? 


It sounds like a lot of conflicting stuff around the psychic related experience, I can imagine you feel frustrated when you don't have anyone you feel you can trust to speak to about it. On the flipside the Psychologist sounds like he's doing what he believes is the right thing.

Perhaps you could bring that to the table with him? That you feel you were both at a cross-roads staring in opposing directions last time (if that analogy makes sense!).. and you want to be working together this time...

Re: I am scared to talk to my psychologist

@Bree-RO well maybe but it was not exactly like that as i havent even told him any of it yet. i just i am scared that he will tell the doctors and then they will say i have to take meds again but i cant do that and ugh i have ruined everything and i just need to make sure they cant hurt me.  

Re: I am scared to talk to my psychologist

Well i managed tell him some of what is going on and it went ok he asked if i thought i could be manic again but i dont know i know i am not depressed stressed and angry yes but not depressed. i dont know anyway it is hard i just want to scream but it is hard to explain it went ok though.