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I am scared.

I am really scared i have been having what i thought was sleep paralysis for years now only now i am not sure that is what it is. it has been happening a lot recently and maybe i am wrong and it is just sleep paralysis but i am really scared it is something else. for one most thing i can find say you should wake up when touched or startled by a loud noise people have yelled at me and touched me and rubbed my arm to try and "wake me up" only i still cant move even after over 3-4 minutes. and a friend who has seen it happen once just told me my eyes roll around when it is happening and also it is super physically exhausting like worse than running a marathon and it doesnt just happen once it happens over and over again in waves and supposedly if you dont fight it will pass but if i dont fight it gets worse and more intense i also get super dizzy as if everything is spinning and i also feel a bit sick. and i can be going in and out of if for hours on end and cant get up because i am so exhausted when i get out of it that i fall asleep again and it happens again. this morning it happened 7 times in a row before i managed to get up and i have been exhausted all day. i am so scared this is something else and i just want it to stop i have made a gp appointment for the end of the week but i am too scared to sleep again and so tired and i have uni classes and i dont know what to do. 

Re: I am scared.

Hey @Eden1717,


That sounds super exhausting and I can understand why you would be super tired. I'm sorry you are going through that! My best friend actually experiences sleep paralysis and some days she is super wiped out and can't focus.


Have you spoken to a doctor or anyone else about it? Maybe a professional would be able to help you figure out what is going on. 

Re: I am scared.

Hey @Eden1717 thank you for sharing this. While I don't know exactly what you are going through, I can sometimes have really vivid nightmares that wake me terrified in the middle of the night and I know the feeling all too well of being scared to fall back asleep/ falling back into the scenario straight away if you do Smiley Sad


You mentioned that you were seeing your GP later this week, have you been to see them yet? 

I definitely agree with @peacelovepizza that seeing someone professional may help you determine what is happening. 


I was also thinking if there could be any coping tools you could use for when you do wake up before falling back asleep that might help shift your mind away from the paralysis you've experienced that might then stop the paralysis reoccurring i.e. meditating for 5 minutes to centre yourself again. I'm no expert on this but it could be worth a shot. 


Talk soon


Re: I am scared.

@peacelovepizza @lennycat2017  thanks for the replies. i saw the gp and said they do think it is sleep paralysis but that it can come in many different forms and that it is very different for everyone. so that was good to be sure now i can relax about this issue a bit. 

Re: I am scared.

@Eden1717 glad that the GP was able to help! Smiley Happy
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Re: I am scared.

@Eden1717 Thanks for letting us know! I'm glad this helps you to feel a bit better about it Heart