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I am turning 21 and no one cares.

My birthday is coming up and 21 is supposed to be kind of special and most people will have a big party or celebration but I can't do that because nobody would show up. My so called friends hardly ever talk to me and when they do it is because I messaged them first. They never are the first to say hi. None of them would come to a party if I had one they probably wouldn't even reply if I invited them. All I am going to get for turning 21 is a reminder of how much of a failure I am. All I have to show for the last few years is nothing I have fucked up uni I can't get a job everyone hates me and think I am a crazy fat freak which I guess is true who am I kidding I am too annoying for anyone to truly like me anyway. I ruin everything I touch I just want to pretend my birthday isn't happening. Why the hell am I even still alive... 

Re: I am turning 21 and no one cares.

Hi @Eden1717 I'm sorry you're feeling so down and lonely. It isn't much fun when we feel like we're alone, especially around occasions when we are supposed to be around family and friends Smiley Sad. I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to open up about this here, are you safe at the moment? 


I find when I'm feeling isolated and distant from my friends that talking to my friends about how I am feeling helps. Do you think you would be able to talk about these feelings with your friends? Would expressing yourself to them be helpful? 


We're always here if you need to talk! Heart

Re: I am turning 21 and no one cares.

Hey @Eden1717, thanks for telling us what's going on at the moment. It sounds like your upcoming birthday is bringing some things up for you? I was wondering if you could tell us what you think is bothering you the most at the moment, and we could start with that?

Re: I am turning 21 and no one cares.

Hey Eden,

I see you may be feeling neglected from your relationship cause you don't feel like a priority ?
Please clarify with me if this is how you feel. Take a moment .

I'm very sorry things are not well academically. You have a good reason to feel the way you feel.

Would you tell us why you feel that way ?

Re: I am turning 21 and no one cares.

Hey @Eden1717, jumping in a bit late, but just wanted to say how sorry I am that you’re feeling this way. Smiley Sad


I can relate to your feelings of loneliness big time, because I often have the same experiences with my friends not replying to me, and it does get me down sometimes. From what you have written, you are being a good friend checking in with your friends, and if they’re not replying to you, that is their problem, not yours. You always have us as friends here on RO, but I know that doesn’t replace frienship in real life.


Things sound really hard, and I’m sending you lots of hugs through this really difficult time. ❤️

Re: I am turning 21 and no one cares.

@Libellule @JanaG@BunnyWalks@mrmusic Thanks all. I am sorry it took so long to reply I am really not myself at the moment and I am finding everything very difficult my birthday is in 2 days and I still feel horrible about it I really don't know what to do anymore I guess I just have to try and wait until it is over but it is going to be such a distressing day. It just makes me so sad to be reminded of how much people hate me and how no one wants to be around me. 

Re: I am turning 21 and no one cares.

@Eden1717 It sounds like you are feeling really stressed about your birthday coming up, I'm sorry your feeling that way about yourself, that would be really tough.

Re: I am turning 21 and no one cares.

@Eden1717@@are these your thoughts or thoughts people have expressed towards you.

I'm looking for a way to understand these thoughts better.

It's okay we get busy reply only when you feel ready.