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I dont think I am sick but people say I am.

ok this is something i often struggle with people tell me i am unwell/need medications and stuff but i honestly deep down dont think i am sick or that i have a mental illness if i am honest i think i am psychic. also i keep getting told i need to take medication but i really dont think i need it like at all i think it is bad for you and that it will hurt me. i honestly dont feel sick but then people tell me i am i think i am able to connect with the world on higher levels than most people i can feel everything and i can connect with the spirit world and sometimes i can even do magical things and i feel like i can do things like make big changes in the world like i can fix things and i feel this energy inside me pushing me and like it makes me feel pressured like i have to do things and like i feel this burning need to go out and just be with the world and feel it so intensely to feel nature and all the music and i just i need to have constant stimulation like i cant not be doing something and i feel like this weird mix of pain and joy. and ugh i cant even explain it but i dont think i am sick i think people say that to suppress my abilities because it scares them that someone could be able to do the things i can. 

Re: I dont think I am sick but people say I am.

Hi @Eden1717 I understand what you're saying. There are many people who don't believe in psychic abilities but I'm not one of them. I do believe in a 'higher, spirit world'. If you feel deep down that you are connected to such forces then that's great. This is your gift and you can view it however you like. The thing about being human though is that we are given the task of living in this world and learning how to make our mark here. It can be tough when life throws challenges our way and that's why we look for support where we need it. People may not be able to understand your inner world and that's okay. They do want to help you though the best way they know how and they are concerned for your well being.


You don't have to believe you're 'sick' or 'faulty'. But you can have compassion for yourself and say that there are areas you could use some support so that you can find ways to be part of this world and this reality (since we're here anyway). 


Medication can be scary but it really doesn't need to be feared and it won't take away from any true inner gifts that you have. I'll bet there are loads of spiritual and psychic folks who've used medication to support themselves when they needed it. Sometimes you do need to take medication but it's the best solution at that point in time. I hope this makes some sense.


Re: I dont think I am sick but people say I am.

i dont even know what to think anymore i just feel like i need to get out of here and be free if that makes sense like i need to be with the world but in a different kind of way than i already am i am just not dealing with things right now and i feel like maybe something bad is following me like a spirit kind of thing and i need to get away from it but i feel like i have a big choice to make as well and i dont know how to make it. 

Re: I dont think I am sick but people say I am.

I can definitely understand a yearning for freedom @Eden1717. You mentioned wanting to be with nature, is that something that gives you a sense of freedom? Spending as much time as you can outdoors might be an option, do you think?

Sorry to hear that you're struggling right now. In regards to a choice you need to make, what kind of choice is it?

Thinking of you!

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: I dont think I am sick but people say I am.

@letitgo i feel like i am trapped which is why i feel like i need to be free and maybe being outside would do that but i mean more away from everything like somewhere remote it is hard to explain i just need everything to move faster and i have to decide if i want to keep seeing my psychiatrist or not. i dont know everything is getting really complicated.  

Re: I dont think I am sick but people say I am.

Hey @Eden1717 i saw your other post and replied to it there, but happy to chat here too, if that helps.