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I dont want to live anymore.


Everyday is a struggle and I feel like i'm falling into a dark pit. I constantly have my black dog at my side and I can barely summon the motivation to type these few words, please help.


Re: I dont want to live anymore.

Hey BD


This sounds serious. 


But keep on living. 


Nobody ever said life was easy.


There's a reason for that. If life was easy, there would be nothing to work for, nothing to fight for and nothing to live for. It's the pain that reminds us to put one foot in front of the other, to keep travelling the thousand mile road to a destination we might not be able to see. 


But if we only have one crack at this, let's have fun with it. Smiley Happy Let's test the waters a bit, see what happens and make something of it. If you're a gamer, then life is like any good RPG out there (Skyrim, WoW, San Andreas) but with only one health bar. If you're a sport person, then this will be the longest game of your life, but play to win. 


But there's only so much I can convey in one forum post. So give someone a call. There's a lifeline number, which I think is 1800 55 1800, but you might want to google that. Find someone who will listen, and tell them everything! Vent, vent and vent!


That's my 2cents, hope it helps.


- J

Re: I dont want to live anymore.

Hi BlackDog 


Its terrible that you are feeling this way, it must be so hard and scary to deal with the darkness you are talking about. I am glad that you did get the motivation to come on the forums and this shows that you want to feel better and you want to get help and you should be proud of yourself for coming on here. 


I think you might benefit from talking to someone and getting the help you need. This is the Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 or call Lifeline on 13 11 14. If you do feel like chatting online instead check out this and it might help you find something to help you. 


Please have a read of this factsheet, it might help you get past this time or you can read this story 


I hope you get the help you need 

Keep on Keeping on  

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: I dont want to live anymore.

What's your black dog's name ?

Sounds like the dog is depending on you for care and support. Surely it appreciates you heaps - more than you know. Do you think the black dog can sense you're struggling a bit ? I think animals are pretty remarkable. It's best talk to someone who can help you like a psychologist or even just Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800. I've always wanted a dog but I find it makes me really itchy. I'm missing out on a man's best friend.

Re: I dont want to live anymore.

A black dog is a metaphor for depression, look it up.

Re: I don't want to live anymore.

Hi BlackDog,


I'm quite happy that you did gather up enough motivation to type those few words, it shows that part of you want to get rid of this feeling, and that you do want help... you should give yourself some credit for that.


It does concern me that you feel like you don't want to live anymore... There's a saying that goes something like 'suicide is just a permanent answer to a temporary problem'... you've probably heard it before somewhere along the line, but it's very true. Depression is very much something that you can recover from, climb out of that dark hole, so to speak. It just takes a tiny bit of motivation and hope to get started... and what you're doing now, on these Forums, is exactly what I'm talking about.


Seeing that you haven't told us a great deal (which is totally okay) I'm going to go with the rest of the forum members and suggest that you do give either Kids Helpline (1800551800) or Lifeline (131114) a go. If you want to remain anonymous, they do offer that. Also, don't feel disheartened if you don't like or 'click' with the person you're talking to... sometimes you might have to try out a few different people before you find someone that you really connect with.


Other than that, you are more than welcome to check in with all of us, but please remember that this isn't a counselling service, nor are we pros. 


You are doing well, keep fighting. It'll be all worth it in the end... I promise.



Re: I dont want to live anymore.

Hey BD - your statement that you don't want to live anymore - is serious. Have you been feeling like this for a long time? 


You are not alone and there are people who can help. RO is not a crisis service, and it’s vital you contact crisis service Suicide Call Back Service - 1300 659 467. The counsellors at Suicide Call Back are there for you 24 hours to help you. They are the people who will be able to listen to you and help you feel less alone with your pain. It's important that you contact them.


Some thoughts:

  • Don’t keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself – get help and keep at it til you find something that works for you
  • Try to distance your thoughts and actions. Say to yourself, ‘I will wait 24 hours before I do anything’, so that you can seek help during that period.
  • Put any items you could use to hurt yourself out of reach, or ask a trusted friend to look after them.
  • Do something that has brought you even a small amount of pleasure before, such as taking a walk, listening to music, watching a funny movie, reading or some slow deep breathing.
  • Get together with others, even if you don't feel like it, to prevent isolation.
  • Develop a safety contract with someone you trust.
  • Reduce drug or alcohol use. These can make it more likely that you may harm yourself, by making you more impulsive and increasing feelings of depression.
  • Write about the things in your life that you value and appreciate, no matter how small they may seem to you.


If you don't feel you want or need to call Suicide Call Back, you should get in touch with the helpline or visit your local GP and tell them how you are feeling. You're not alone and people want to give you a hand. I hope you'll let us know how you are doing.



Re: I dont want to live anymore.

Hey Blackdog,

Just checking in to see how you are getting along. How has the week panned out for you? Have you contacted any of the services mentioned in other posts and did they help at all?

Re: I dont want to live anymore.

Everyday will always be a struggle no matter what. no matter if it is big or small. but you decide what to make of the struggle. I am always struggling. my struggle right now is not being good enough and being alone. Honestly i feel like i have no friends to turn to or talk to.