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Re: I feel as though I care more about my friends than they do

I have went through a lot of friends.  Some are good people some are not.  But at least we know where we stand with each other.

Very firm believer in honesty and truth.  Everyone gets a different vibe from different people. 90 % of the time I do ask if the other is getting the same vibe


Other times I'm called a weirdo and we laugh it of.



1 lad even told me a story about how he was hospitalized by a sending out the wrong vibe,  it took him 3days to figure why a group of paranoid wrecks jumped him.  The reason was they thought he was going to jump them.  He was in deep thought about why his boxers where so itchy.  

I do ask if I have a problem or if something is vibing south and always i do my best to be honest


Just a practice I learned in my teens.  Has paid of hand over fist