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I feel embarrassed

Well at school today I was at recess and I saw one of my friends and he looked sad so I gave him a piece of candy (I always give out candy to other people) and this girl just came out of no where and said "eww are you guys dating" I said no but she just kept yelling and said that I was gay and a lot of other boys started calling me gay then two of my friends that were girls said "are you gay" I said no and my friend said I was telling the truth 

Then after that one of the boys picking on me asked for a piece of candy I said I didn't have anymore and another boy said "hey about you sit there with your boyfriend" and I kept saying I wasntwgay then these two girls said "Oh you guys dating" I kept saying no it was very annoying and I felt embarrassed after we had to go inside I went to use the bathroom before I went to the bathroom I saw the girl who was the first one to say that I was gay which I'm not was standing a few inches in front of me talking to a few boys. I just went in the bathroom and another guy came in and said "you dating that guy" I said no and he left the bathroom. My school is so freaking negative that they even had to make candy negative. I get bullied like that every now and then but this is way worse... I tried telling a teacher she just said ignore them I can't do that because she keeps spreading rumors about me being gay 

Re: I feel embarrassed

@oliv I'm sorry to hear this Smiley Sad
Bullying is never okay! Sounds like the teacher you spoke to wasn' of much help either! That breaks my heart.

I'm not quite sure how to help right now, but know that we are here to listen and help support you through this <3

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: I feel embarrassed

Hi @oliv
I'm sorry to hear this happened Smiley Sad
It sounds like you were being kind and thoughtful and then you were bullied.
Please know that being kind and thoughtful are beautiful qualities to have.
Is there someone else you could confide in? Like a school counsellor? Would that make you feel better?
Please keep us updated Heart