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I feel like a loser and don't know what to do

Hey guys this is my first post here, sorry if I posted this on the wrong section or anything.

Basically, I just feel like there's nothing good about me. Whenever I try to improve myself by going outside my comfort zone, exercising, trying new things, etc, it never goes well and I always end up giving up. I use to think all I have is my looks and my fitness, but now I don't even have those. I'm pretty stupid, socially awkward and can be unnecessarily hostile, emotionless and submissive in many situations. Most of my friends never reach out to me anymore (except one) and some even completely ignore my texts and calls now. Whenever I tell my parents my problems (or at least try to, because It's very hard for me to open up), they just tell me that their life was 100x tougher, I'm extremely lucky, I'm just being a bitch/pussy, etc. They discouraged me from following my dream of becoming a sport star, explaining that I simply don't have what it takes (I've accepted this now) and are pressuring me to go to university and get a corporate job even though I'm not passionate about any of the courses and I'm almost flunking arguably the easiest course. At this point, I'm not exactly suicidal, but I'm considering running away from home because I feel like an utter disgrace to my family (I almost did yesterday). I'm tempted to start living completely carelessly and see where it takes me because I'm really losing control of myself.

Re: I feel like a loser and don't know what to do

hey @jakeishere, it sounds like you've been going through a rough time at the moment, and it's really being weighing heavily on you. It also sounds like you've been a bit hard on yourself at the moment, which I can only imagine would make things really difficult. I wanted to check in and ask if you have any professional supports at the moment like a psychologist, and it sounds like it could be really beneficial for you right now 💖💖

Re: I feel like a loser and don't know what to do

Hi @jakeishere, welcome to the forums!


What you're going through sounds really hard and completely exhausting Smiley Sad


It sounds like you need some support with it and it sucks that your parents aren't helping with it...

It's good that you've come here, hopefully we can help a bit. Are there any other people you can talk to? Would you like any links to some helplines for if you need them?


Also what does it take to be a sports star? And what sports do you like?


Sorry for all the questions, I hope I'm not being too much for you..

Re: I feel like a loser and don't know what to do

Hi @jakeishere I'm so sorry you're going through this. The other posts have already inquired about reaching out for professional help, which is definitely something I support. I'm especially sorry that you're parents are dismissing your problems. Your concerns are completely valid, and they should not be comparing your problems with theirs. Thank you for reaching out to us on this forum, we're here for you if you need to talk some more Smiley HappyHeartHeart

Re: I feel like a loser and don't know what to do

I can empathise with feeling the need to run away when I was a little younger and even somewhat more recently I considered it. What helped me the most, was finding a community of people that would support me and finding something for myself to keep going, like a light at the end of the tunnel. It could help to find out what you want no matter anyone else says and find a way to make it happen - maybe it could be good to get a job to start saving up to move out depending on your age. Let us know how your coping and how we could help. I hope you are able to get some professional help and some support.

Re: I feel like a loser and don't know what to do

Hi @jakeishere

I just wanted to say that I know it may not feel like it right now, but you are worthy of love and belonging no matter what Heart And reaching out to talk about hard feelings is nothing short of bloody brave. I am so sorry to hear about what you're going through and that your parents don't seem to be in a place to understand. I know the other mod's and bob's have mentioned it but is it possible for you to seek some professional help or chat to anyone at all about how you're feeling? 

Re: I feel like a loser and don't know what to do

Hi @jakeishere, it sounds that you are in a really tough situation and I'm really sorry about that. I just wanna say that it is not always bad to stay in your comfort zone and I think it is really great for you to try to step out of it because it takes a lot courage, and don't be panic about it because stepping out of it sometimes can take a long time. And I think it is really bad that your parents cannot understand your dreams and your feelings, have you consider talking about your passion towards becoming a sport start with your parents and what they are concerning about, and consider whether there is another way that fulfils both your dream and you parents' concerns.