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Re: I feel lonely and frustrated

@mspaceK is there anywhere else you can cook? Like maybe your boyfriend's house or anywhere that's public and will let you use the kitchen? 

That way you can make some meals that you can take home, so that you don't have to deal with the kitchen your housemate uses.


Also, do you have a microwave?

Mac'n'cheese isn't exactly ideal, but it's better than nothing, and you can make it using a bowl, a fork and a microwave in like 8 minutes. Plus there are heaps of similar recipes that only need a bowl/ mug and a microwave, which means that you can at least get a meal without cleaning half the stuff your house mate left dirty.

Re: I feel lonely and frustrated

Yeah - I've been thinking about going to his house to cook more when I need to when the kitchen is really bad @Tiny_leaf . I'll have to research some microwave meals and I've been making a lot of things in the oven but they're not very healthy. I'll need to look some stuff up. 


Anyways - I'm going to try and sleep now. Thank you so much for the suggestions. <3 I hope you are doing well. Talk soon! 

Re: I feel lonely and frustrated

@mspaceK you're

(edit) Posted early sorry, give me a minute to sort myself out here..

Re: I feel lonely and frustrated

@mspaceK okay, attempt number two and writing words properly..!

I guess eating anything's better than eating nothing sometimes, for the worst of my depression literally half of what I ate was junk, but it at least meant I was still eating.

You're welcome, and I hope they helped!

Goodnight, hope you get a good sleep. Smiley Happy

Re: I feel lonely and frustrated

@Tiny_leaf I spoke to my boyfriend about these strategies today and some other things with my psych to help deal with my work anxiety. I still cannot believe we have just got home and she is showing no effort to do the dishes still. The kitchen is gross - I am so annoyed at her. It's gotten to the point where I don't even want to spend time with her. Smiley Sad hmmm. 


I had lunch at my boyfriends house today which was nice and I ate left overs from a restaurant meal tonight that I could just heat up which is nice. 


But still so infuriating. *sigh* 

Re: I feel lonely and frustrated

@mspaceK ugh.. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that...

Did you come up with anything useful at all? 

Re: I feel lonely and frustrated

@Tiny_leaf She did some cleaning while I went to the shops. The bench still isn't that great but it's a lot better than before. I hope she'll do more tomorrow while I am at work. For now though it is time for bed. I was up playing a game and lost track of time and I gotta get up early, so I'm going to try and sleep.


thank you for your support. Goodnight. <3 

Re: I feel lonely and frustrated

@mspaceK that's great!! Hopefully she'll keep it up.

Goodnight, I hope you sleep well. 

Re: I feel lonely and frustrated

*sigh* I've just gotten home from work which I left early this morning and it's basically 2pm and she still isn't even out of bed. No washing or dishes or tidying of any sort has been done and she told me yesterday that she was going out somewhere at 3pm. WTAF?? She's wasted all day and she does this every weekend. I can't tolerate this shit. 



Sorry I need to vent Smiley Sad 


@Tiny_leaf @Jess1-RO 

Re: I feel lonely and frustrated

@Tiny_leaf I just wanted to let you know that I've been using your strategies for food to cope with the mess. Eating at my boyfriends house, eating microwave food and i've also had some take away meals. Not perfect but I'm getting there.


I'm not really having a good day though. I've been feeling quite anxious and having anxiety attacks like I can't breathe and like something is wrong. I spoke to KHL earlier and that helped a little but now I'm feeling off again. Smiley Sad i'm just at my boyfriend's house playing games but he's not home right now. 


What are you up to?