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I feel lonely.

I'm a 19 year old guy who is an introvert by nature. I got to TAFE 3 days a week, and I am completely fine there.

Outside of my studies however, I have no one to talk to. I am at home, all alone to ponder my thoughts. Sometimes I just lie in bed all day.


I also like this girl at my TAFE, and I confessed to her. But she said she didn't want to be in any relationships, so that kind of crushed my self esteem even more... and I feel lonelier than ever.

I've never had a girlfriend and I have no friends at the moment, besides the "friends" I have when I go to TAFE.


I've also been losing interest in what I used to love (eg. playing the guitar...) and now I feel worthless.


Re: I feel lonely.

Welcome @JayTheSun, we're basically a whole gang of introverts over here so you're in good company! Sorry to hear that this girl at TAFE wasn't ready to enter a relationship. It takes a huge amount of courage to admit your feelings for someone, especially for an introvert, so even if it didn't work out the way you had hoped you should be proud that you put yourself out there. We all face rejection at some point, and although it's never fun, it's a part of life.


Some of the things you mentioned - lying in bed all day, losing interest in things you enjoy, feeling lonely and worthless - those can be some of the first symptoms of something a little deeper than just feeling crappy. Have you ever spoken to a GP or a counsellor?


Re: I feel lonely.

Thank you for the kind welcome @ElleBelle Smiley Happy

I do feel proud of letting her know of my feelings. It was the best feeling in the the time, anyways. But now? It's really getting to me. I'll only see her twice a week for 3 more months, and since I don't see her outside of class, I'll probably never see her again ;(


I have briefly spoken to people online on beyondblue and headspace. One of which suggested I go speak to a counsellor at my TAFE, which I would have never thought of doing but now am highly considering the face-to-face benefits it may give me.


I can say that I have been down for the past year or two, but I would have never thought it would be anything more serious than a 'crappy mood'. However, I feel that it's progressively getting worse and counselling might be the best option for me.


Re: I feel lonely.

Hi @JayTheSun


I watched a video on youtube once about introverts. It said that introverts are ppl that are just happy being on their own. When we are on our own too much then we arent use to having ppl around. We get nervous and we dont know what to say. We might be socially awkard and say the wrong things or cant read other ppl. 


I want you to know that socialising takes practice and it isnt very hard. And it is something you can become really good at. Its like when you are learning something at TAFE. You dont expect that you can master your course on the first day! 


Start off by asking people "How have you been?" or "How was your weekend?" and "What have you been up to?". Just ask these questions and listen to their response. These questions have no obligations for the conversation to continue sincere ppl just think that you are being nice. It would be up to you to decide if you want to go further.


Good luck and plz keep us updated.


Re: I feel lonely.

Hi there @standinside

As I said, I seem fine at TAFE. I can start conversations and small talk. To be honest, I don't see myself hanging out with most of the people there. Most of them smoke and have done drugs and are party animals.. and I don't feel comfortable with that.

I can only really see myself with that girl, because I feel like we're relateable... we both watch anime, listen to KPOP, and play games... unique interests that I can never find in a person, let alone all those things combined. But I don't feel like she would hang out with someone like me.


Long story short (and I'm probably just repeating myself), I only feel really really down when I'm not at TAFE and just sitting at my computer at home...


Just some additional information...:

In the past year or 2, I've made all my friends online via games. They all lived in Sydney whereas I live in Melbourne. We used to be more than just gaming friends and would talk on skype outside of games just about everyday.. Skype used to be my life. Then they all stopped talking to me for one reason or another. I'm very very sensitive and I get attached really easily when I like someone, so it's only natural for me to break down in tears, right...? Now I don't use skype at all due to having no one to talk to, even online.

Anyways, it's been just about over half a year since then, and I feel like I've gotten over them now. But I still feel like it has a lot to do with how I'm feeling now. I'm constantly trying to fill the gap in my heart, and maybe that's why I'm so desperate for friends or even a relationship...


Re: I feel lonely.

If you're into K-Pop and anime, are there any Melbourne-based groups you could join @JayTheSun? I've heard of people finding friends with similar interests through sites like Meetup or Gumtree, and sometimes there are posts on campus noticeboards about clubs and events. You could also check out some of the comic stores and Korean karaoke bars for event flyers.




Re: I feel lonely.


The suburb I live in is pretty empty, and I don't have a licence so I can't really get anywhere without it being a hassle. Plus I don't know my way around.

In the meantime though, I'll definitely check out the sites you suggested.


Thanks a bunch,