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I got no future.

Hey guys, just want to let it here. I got no one awesome enough to share this with so I'm just gonna let it out.


My HSC starts tomorrow and I know I will suck them.

I know one thing: If I studied there would have been a chance for me to do well in the HSC. For all my subjects I barely did nothing, I did limited prep and the actual prep is starting today. I've got two exams this week, three on the following week and one on the 3rd week. 

I'm toast I know it, I won't achieve my goal.

I want to go to uni and the ATAR I need minimum is 65. I doubt I'll even get that minimum. I'm so depressed. My parents think I'm studying well and have big hopes in me but the truth is I'm not studying well. If I tell them the truth, they will get worried. My mom is very sensitive and she can't bare the slightest problems. 


I don't feel like studying because I know there's a stack for me to do. I know I won't do well in the first two exams. I don't know what I will do when I get my results back and see that it's not what I wanted. I want to go to uni but I don't see that happening. If I don't go to uni or get a decent atar, my parents are not planning to stay here anyway because my silblings will graduate uni in two years and all our lands are over in our country. We came here for me and my siblings to study.


I'm so depressed. I know I have no future in anything. My addiction to social media really killed my future. It's too late now. The damage has already done. The only thing I can do is to get ready to cry and face the conseqences of my decisions. I will never learn. My sister always try to put my head into studying, three years ago but it failed. I am sad I wasted my sister's time for helping me. 


I technically have no proper friends. They stopped talking to me after the graudation. It's like the friendship only lasted during school. One of my close friends, I sent her photos of some important notes of legal she missed and she didn't even reply. There was a missed call but she didn't even answer my following messages when she was online. I blocked her because I dislike having people like that in my life. She only talks to me when she needs to ask me something or she is not feeling well. When I feel emotioally down she doesn't message. One time I was so sad so i messaged her and she said "Sorry, I got to go to the gym" and that's it. I give the maximum for a friendship and I don't get that back, that's pretty unfortunate. Technically I got no one. I do have my google plus friends who listen to my pain but even if i talk to them about it, it doesn't less my problems or feelings. 


I'm a trouble maker, I am so useless. I only hurt my family with my stupid decisons and I wish I wasn't born to my mom, my mom should have got a child more useful and good than me. She deserves the best. 


I'm literally stuffed



Re: I got no future.

Hey @Doni99


Glad to hear from you again. I can see that you're under a colossal amount of stress and strain at the moment and that's ok. You're definitely not a trouble-maker, that's for sure. There's so much out there when it comes to  ATARs and the future! With uni, there's alternative pathways that you can take to get where you want to be. From TAFE and prep courses to doing a year in a different but relevant degree for transferable credit or taking a gap year, there's always a way. 


Going through exams and the uncertainty of where you'd be going is pretty rough at this time of year. You've said that the workload of revision is pretty overwhelming and that there's no motivation to follow through with it. How've you been going with breaking it all up across several days? You can write a study timetable to follow and see how you go with balancing study and relaxation. Do you think this is something that you could try? 


It sucks that your school friends only chat to you when they want something, rather than do their share. You've got us here on the forums, so feel free to share. Are there any trusted adults or school staff like a careers advisor or counsellor that you can chat to about how you've been going? They could also help you ease the study load and give you tips on what your next best steps are.  


I can definitely relate to not wanting to disappoint the folks - it's a road well-travelled. There's a tinge of guilt and wonder as to how they'd react later on. But I think that you'll cross that bridge when you get to it. Take it one step at a time and focus on the now, rather than try to tackle everything all at once. 


Stay strong and keep us in the loop Heart

Stay excellent

Re: I got no future.

Hey @Doni99! It sucks to hear how much pressure you're under at the moment, and I definitely think that the timetabling suggestion @Myvo made is useful - you can plan how much work to look over and schedule in some self-care time.


I'd also suggest looking at alternative pathways to university when you can - some institutions provide courses which can result in access to a university degree after a year or so of study. There are a lot of pathways leading to university study and they don't always have to start from the end of highschool.


Good luck with everything, and let us know how things go Smiley Happy


Re: I got no future.

Hey @Doni99, being under a lot of stress and pressure really does suck. It can sometimes feel like there's no escape and it's the end of the world. But it's definitely not!


Like @Myvo and @safari93 have mentioned, there are so many other avenues you can take to get into uni, or you might decide to take a gap year, or you might take a completely different avenue and start working a job which you really enjoy and turning it into a career.


I really likes @Myvo's timetable link. I think that could be a really helpful tool and once you have that schedule in place, it could alleviate some of the stress you're feeling. Please let us know how you're going over the course of your exams and remember we're always here to chat.


Re: I got no future.

Its late and I tired. 


I just want to dedicate a song to you.


Maroon 5- Nothing lasts forever.


Nothing lasts forever... things will always forever change. Might look dim now but things will always change.

Dont give up. Keep fighting. You can do it.