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I had to learn the hard way.

 Today i had an experience with someone that made me remember something..something a little sad.

For years I have tried to convince people around me with mental health problems to live, to fight, to try. 

But...i broke yet again today. 

I realise my own stupidity is that I love people too much, i care too much.

In the end you can't make anyone do anything, you can't shove them, you can't push them, you can't convince them of so many things but..the most difficult thing of all is that you cant convince them to want to live.

...and thats the truth. 

So i give up, i think i'lle my own life.


Sincerely Blue

#depressing quote of the day.

Re: I had to learn the hard way.

Hey, @BluezCluez ,

Yeah it really sucks when you're unable to help someone you love or care so deeply about. Is everything alright lately?

Unfortunately you can't always be there for someone.

Maybe you'd like to talk a little further about how you feel right now? Smiley Happy

Re: I had to learn the hard way.

Hey @BluezCluez you sound stressed.


I can relate to how you want other to do well for themselves because you believe in them a lot ... and sometimes that does lead to disappointment when it doesn't happen for them.


It can be really hard to stay resilient.


It is important though (I've found personally) that we live first for ourselves and secondly for others. Only when we take care of ourselves first can help others. And it's also important not to invest too heavily in others. Remember they make their own choices, just as we make ours.


I'm sorry you're going through this turmoil right now but i get a strong sense that you are very caring from what you've written and sometimes that's a weakness but almost always that's a super strength. Keep it up..

Re: I had to learn the hard way.

Hey @BluezCluez,


How have you been travelling since you last posted?


I just wanted to add that you sound like you care a lot for others around you. That can be a really difficult thing to do! Sometimes helping other people can really take it's toll on us. It sounds like this is something that has got you feeling 'blue' lately. 


When we have a lot on our shoulders or even when we are busy, Self-care can be a really important thing to practice. Have you used any self-care strategies before? 


It sounds like you know a lot about what not to do when trying to help someone, but this link will tell you all about how you can deal with the response you may get and includes some great support and resources.


Let us know how you find some of these resources and links!


Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.
– Henry Ford

Re: I had to learn the hard way.

Hi @BluezCluez, sounds like you were bit of a negative headspace when you posted. That's never easy.


It's great that you've been trying to help people. I hope you're taking care of yourself, as well. How are you doing at the moment?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: I had to learn the hard way.

Hey @BluezCluez I'm a little worried about your wellbeing as you mentioned some concerning stuff in your post here. How you are doing today? We're here to listen if you'd like to chat about what's been going on.


Re: I had to learn the hard way.

Hello @BluezCluez,


Yes it can be hard looking at someone who is a mirror to what we would like to forget. I understand the feeling of wanting to save someone and be there for them to make up for the fact that perhaps there was no one there for you. It is only right to want to care, to want to help and encourage them to try. "The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do."


When people are in this situation, it can seem as if they have given up everything. But what i can say, is that this is when they need someone the most. How can they trust themselves, how can they hope if no one trusts them or have hope in them? You cannot save everyone, and it can seem pointless to try and convince someone who have made up their mind, but people's minds can, and do change, so do not give up on anyone! Do your best so not only that you have no regrets, but also for the person who you are trying to help that they can leave peacefully knowing that there was someone who had cared enough about them to try.


Do not be afraid to poke your head into where you do not belong, because if it is truly bad enough for them to resort to drastic measures then it cannot get any worse if you try to help. So keep helping, keep doing what you have been doing even if it hurts, because you may just make a difference, however small, in someone's life, even if you may not know about it. This world needs more people like you.


Do your best!


Winter Rain.